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Vietnam is about to have an ADC undersea fiber optic cable, solving the problem of slow network

Military Industry – Telecommunications Group (Viettel) has officially announced the ADC (Asia Direct Cable) international undersea cable route to land in Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh). This is the latest undersea fiber optic cable to be put into operation in Vietnam.

The ADC undersea fiber optic cable route has a submarine cable length of 9,800km, with a capacity of over 140 Tbps. The ADC cable route connects countries in the Asia-Pacific region such as: Singapore – Japan – Hong Kong – China – Philippines – Vietnam – Thailand.

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Announcement ceremony of ADC international undersea cable route in Quy Nhon.

ADC undersea optical cable uses the most modern transmission technology today, helping to connect countries in the Asia – Pacific region with a total initial investment of 290 million USD.

ADC is the 5th undersea cable line, with the largest investment scale so far of Viettel. This cable route was formed on the basis of investment and construction cooperation between Viettel and major international telecommunications groups Singtel, China Telecom, SoftBank, China Unicom, NT, PLDT, TATA Communications.

Currently, Viettel has invested in a total of 5 submarine cable projects including: AAE-1 (landing station located in Vung Tau), TGN-IA (landing station located in Vung Tau), APG (landing station located in Da Nang). ) and AAG (landing station located in Vung Tau) and ADC (landing station located in Quy Nhon).

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Diagram of ADC (Asia Pacific Gateway) fiber optic cable route.

According to the developer, the ADC cable line is well suited to the deployment of international Internet connection applications requiring high speed such as: Internet of Things (IoT), automation, artificial intelligence (AI), real virtual reality (AR/VR); at the same time, ensuring the safety and redundancy of the network, ensuring the quality of Internet services and other international connection services.

Along with other currently operating undersea fiber optic cables, Viettel’s ADC cable route is expected to add 18Tbps to Viettel’s total international connection capacity when it is put into operation, contributing to providing a large amount of Internet connection. high-speed connection from Vietnam to international.

Before ADC, Vietnamese enterprises are participating in exploiting 5 undersea fiber optic cable routes including AAG (Asia-America Gateway), SMW3 (also known as SEA-ME-WE3), Lien A – IA (Tata TGN) undersea optical cable. -Intra Asia), APG (Asia Pacific Gateway) and AAE-1 (Asia Africa Europe 1). In which, SMW3 is an old cable line (operated since 1999), has little data and is about to be liquidated.

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Overview of undersea fiber optic cable infrastructure in Vietnam and other countries in the region. Currently, Vietnam has a total of 7 undersea cable routes, 5 are in operation and 2 will be put into operation in the coming years.

It is a sad fact that on average in the past 5 years, each year there are about 10 incidents related to Vietnam’s undersea fiber optic cables. The average time to fix each problem lasts about 1 month.

This leads to the situation that Vietnamese carriers can only use about three-quarters of the main cable routes. This is a challenge for carriers, making telecommunications businesses always have to reserve 20-25% of connection capacity to ensure in case a cable break occurs. That fact has affected the investment costs as well as the operation and exploitation of the network operators to ensure the best quality for users.

According to the August 2021 report of the World Bank (World Bank), when compared with 12 countries with similar conditions, Vietnam’s Internet connection belongs to the group that needs to improve quality and speed if it wants to succeed. public in the digital economy.

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