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“What kind of fish coughs and spits when drinking water?”

In addition to listening to music, watching movies, playing games, etc., playing puzzles is also a way to relieve stress and fatigue. Playing puzzles regularly with relatives and friends helps to bond emotionally, have moments of relaxation, and improve sharp thinking.

If you are a lover of puzzle games, the program cannot be missed Fast like lightning. This is a TV game show that synthesizes many different types of quizzes such as: Knowledge quizzes, quizzes, quizzes, etc. The participating players are all famous people, active in different industries. In the game, to win, they must give the correct answer in the shortest time. Therefore, the program has brought everyone moments of suspense, hardship but no less interesting.

In round 1, episode 19, season 3 – show Fast like lightning asked the following conundrum:

“What fish drink water to cough and spit water?”.

Vietnamese quiz:

Source: Lightning fast.

After only 5 short seconds, the player gave the answer as: COLOR FISH.

The above answer is absolutely correct. If the fish drinks the water, it will cough. If the water is sprayed out, it is definitely a choking fish. However, you need to note that this is a word puzzle, so the answer is solved in a funny and fun way! But it’s not like this fish will cough and choke on water!

Choke fish is a common name in Vietnam, used to refer to fish in the family Giant fish and in the family Gorillas. This is a freshwater fish, distributed in the eastern tropics: Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. In our country, goby fish lives in the South, mainly in Ca Mau and Kien Giang. This fish is suitable for living in slow-moving water where there is thick vegetation.

Vietnamese quiz:

Choke fish are used for food and as an ornamental. (Illustrated image)

The goby fish is omnivorous and very gentle, easy to raise, so when raised as an ornamental, it is easily attacked by other fish. We can feed goby fish any kind of food, but in the wild, they usually eat leaves and never eat fry. Choke fish can live singly or in groups. The maximum size of this fish is 20cm, in the wild is 25cm, in good conditions is 18-20cm.

The country with the largest fish catch is Indonesia (about 21,320 tons/year). Fish are caught with nets or traps. Fish meat is of good quality, can be grilled or cooked in fish soup. Wild fish and industrially farmed fish to serve the food industry and export ornamental fish. In Vietnam, goby fish is being developed and cultured in some areas. In cuisine, goose fish is processed dry and made fish cakes. match-choi-churo-tinh-quai-20220416205003814.chn

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