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You betrayed me to marry someone with a husband and children

My brother and I ended our deep five-year relationship because of a third person.

He waited for the other’s husband to return, then the couple divorced, then the two came together publicly. I completely broke down because I felt so sad, I didn’t believe that one day he would do that to me.

My brother and I live in Saigon, and the other person lives in Hanoi. They see each other every month. I want to be definitive with him, but he always finds a way to meet. I told him not to see me anymore, he wanted us to be normal, happy friends.

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I still love him for what we both have tried for so many years, but I can’t be friends to see them happy and happy. I found many reasons to avoid him, but because he is a close friend of my brothers and sisters, I still meet a lot. Every time I see him, I feel so sad, I don’t know what to do. I wanted to make myself happy so that he would regret it, but the hurt was so great that I couldn’t sleep well and had to meet the two of them. What should I do?


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