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Youthful from beauty to fashion style-Fashion

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 19:07 PM (GMT+7)

Although she is a mother of 2 children, the former hot girl Ha Thanh still has a youthful appearance that many people admire.

Tam Tit "reverse aging": Youthful from beauty to fashion style - 1

Tam Tit is beautiful and young like a doll.

Famous for a time because of his beautiful appearance, well-proportioned body, the beauty born in 1989 made the young man fall in love. The couple should be married and have 2 children. Despite turning 33 years old, Tam Titus Still the “monument” of the generation’s beauty hot girl Same age, making many people dream.

Although not active in art, Tam Tit’s charming, loving and sharp physique over the years is still a topic of interest to many people. Therefore, she always creates attraction on social networking sites.

As a mother of two children, Tam Tit is praised by fans for her reverse aging beauty. At the same time, in recent years, she has also changed a lot in fashion style. Tam Tit builds a personality and dynamic “girl boss” style.

To score points in every fashion style, Tam Tit always pays a certain attention to taking care of herself. The foods that slow down the aging process are used in moderation. Besides, she did not forget to use the item that is considered a treasure of women.

Tam Tit "reverse aging": Youthful from beauty to fashion style - 3

She builds a youthful and personal fashion style.

Tam Titus "reverse aging": Youthful from beauty to fashion style - 4

Mother of 2 uses latex to have a slim waist.

Tam Tit "reverse aging": Youthful from beauty to fashion style - 5

Her balanced body helps her confidently promote many sexy and seductive fashion styles.

Because she has undergone childbirth, the waistline will be the body point that makes women the most self-deprecating. Tam Titus uses latex to help shape and slim the waistline after giving birth and later in life. If you give birth normally, 3-4 months after giving birth, you can use latex. If you had a cesarean section, you can use latex for 6 months or more after giving birth. During the process of wearing latex, you need to listen to your body so as not to affect your health.

Latex is simply composed of young rubber mixed with a fabric with good elasticity. The bones of the latex are flexible steel sewn hidden inside, creating rigidity. When sitting, latex helps your abdomen not be folded, sitting upright. Latex only has an indirect effect on weight loss, helping to reduce the waistline.

Because, when wearing latex, the abdomen is constricted, causing you to have abdominal pain. When you eat too much, you will feel uncomfortable because the latex squeezes tighter. Therefore, you gradually reduce the amount of food you put in your body. When you eat less, your calorie intake will also decrease. At that time, calories consumed for daily activities must use up stored energy. Stored energy is metabolized from fat tissues in the body.

Finally, to have a healthy body from deep inside, you need to combine nutrition and scientific exercise.

In addition, exercise is also a way to keep the body young over time.

Tam Tit "reverse aging": Youthful from beauty to fashion style - 6

The beautiful standard body of a mother of two is the dream of many people.

Tam Tit "reverse aging": Youthful from beauty to fashion style - 7

Tam Tit is considered as a “monument” of outstanding beauty compared to the generation of hot Ha Thanh girls of the same age at the same time.

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