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12 most expensive laptops in the world (Part 2)-Hi-tech fashion

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 06:00 AM (GMT+7)

In the previous section we have seen laptops costing more than half a billion dong. But that is not the most expensive when there are many higher models, up to 8 billion.

“Golden Age” MacBook Air from Bling My Thing

If plain gold is a bit boring and has hundreds of millions of dong to spare, users can consider a laptop from Bling My Thing. The company has covered their “Golden Age” laptops in approximately 12,000 Swarovski crystals, each coated with a 24-karat gold layer. The gems weren’t just randomly placed as Bling My Thing arranged them in a traditional Japanese pattern. The work is done by hand, with each crystal placed once and each notebook taking a week to create.

12 most expensive laptops in the world (Part 2) - 1

Twenty “Golden Age” laptops were produced, and some of them made their way to high-end department stores like Selfridges in London, where they were displayed as works of art for until sold. MacBook Air Bling My Thing is priced in British Pounds, so prices will fluctuate with exchange rates. At the time of launch, its price was approximately 40,000 USD (918 million VND).

Stuart Hughes MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition

Stuart Hughes from Liverpool (UK) is a big name in the custom MacBook world, so this brand appears quite a lot in the article. Hughes’ MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition is platinum-coated and features a diamond-encrusted Apple logo. Supreme Ice Edition is Hughes’ “lowest” price attempt, but also hits $200,000 (VND 4.59 billion).

12 most expensive laptops in the world (Part 2) - 3

Hughes claims 53 gems have been put into this MacBook, for a total of 25.5 karat. The MacBook Air’s shock-resistant platinum coating is up to 2.27 kg, twice the weight of the standard MacBook Air. Hughes describes the weight of the device as “too great”, which may not be what Steve Jobs had in mind when he signed on to design on Apple’s famous line of ultra-light devices. Hughes has only produced 10 versions of Supreme Ice for the MacBook Air as of the time of writing.

Stuart Hughes MacBook Air Supreme Fire Edition

Also Stuart Hughes with the Supreme Fire version for the MacBook Air. Stuart Hughes used platinum – a silvery metal – to cover his Ice edition, but Fire was the choice with 24-kart Gold and the diamond-encrusted Apple logo. Although platinum is a rarer metal, gold is more expensive, and that’s why the MacBook Air Supreme Fire version costs $88,500 more than the platinum-coated version.

12 most expensive laptops in the world (Part 2) - 4

It also comes with some positives and negatives. Fire is heavier than Ice, although platinum is a denser metal. So users can get more precious metals around their electronics if they choose the Fire version. However, platinum is twice as hard as gold, so Ice is much more scratch resistant than Fire. Like “Ice,” Stuart Hughes’ MacBook Air Supreme Fire edition is limited to 10 devices. The reference price is 288,500 USD (6.62 billion VND).

Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook

Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook is a cooperation product between Ego Lifestyle and the famous luxury car brand Bentley with an expensive price of 350,000 USD (8 billion VND). The machine was created with the help of jewelry designer Rodrigo Otazu in placing 470 diamonds the equivalent of a house into it. These diamonds surround the 12.1-inch screen, the processor comes with an AMD Turion CPU, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a DVD/CD burner.

12 most expensive laptops in the world (Part 2) - 5

Not only gluing diamonds to things like some of the manufacturers on the list, this product also comes with some unique features. It comes with a range of interchangeable covers, so users can keep the look of their device fresh if they so desire. It also has a cool Auto DJ feature that can play archived media without booting into Windows.

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