3 signs people are out of luck, karma shows up

Once people have exhausted their blessings, at that time, praying to God, Heaven will not be spiritual, praying for earth or earth will not work, praying no matter what.

What is the relationship between Phuc and Duc?

The ancients taught: The house of good accumulation has an abundance of blessings, and the house of evil accumulation has an abundance of calamities. Those who do good deeds have not yet come, but the disaster has left.

All things are cause and effect. If you are rich and healthy today, it is partly due to good deeds in your previous life. Another part is due to the efforts of this life.

Happiness is to be enjoyed, but not wasted. Germany is the greatest asset in everyone’s life. The more Germany, the richer. The more Germany, the happier, the more free-spirited. When virtue is used up, bad things will start to come.

3 signs that you are out of luck

3 signs that people are out of happiness, karma is present, whatever they do is not favorable-1

Intentionally or unintentionally making a grudge with people

When one’s virtue is about to run out, so does one’s destiny. Selfish thoughts, for personal gain, make the mind go crazy when there are conflicts and conflicts with others.

If you don’t know how to handle it properly, there will definitely be trouble. There are difficulties everywhere, if so, you must be vigilant and pay careful attention.

Waste of money, sudden bankruptcy

Wealth is one of the types of showing a person’s blessings and virtues. In destiny, there is as much virtue as there is money. If you lived in luxury before, you don’t have to worry about spending money.

But now that you are constantly encountering things that make you spend a lot of money, even your career is going down, you have used up all your happiness. When virtue is used up, the money is not commensurate with virtue, God will withdraw your fortune.

3 signs that people are out of happiness, karma is present, whatever they do is not favorable-2

Gas failure, long-term illness

When there is no virtue, the surrounding bondholders will have the opportunity to take revenge. Karma will also be shown, no matter what you try to do, it will not work, even if you get sick for a long time, it is impossible to restore your health.

At that time, karma is as much as a mountain, lying there obstructs everything healthyour career, your life.

At that time, praying to Heaven, Heaven was not spiritual, and praying for earth and earth did not come to fruition. Praying no matter what. Therefore, the Buddha taught that while enjoying happiness, one must not forget to respect virtue.

Only then can we have virtue and happiness constantly rolling, we will always create blessings and protect you and your family. Good hearts do good deeds, long-term happiness, because God protects honest people.

According to Khoevadep

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