5 characteristics of people with a long life, good fortune and prosperity

People with this sign are usually healthy, live longer than others, their lives are also blessed with good fortune, and have noble people to support them.

1. Long eyes

There is an old saying: “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Not only “see through” a person’s inner self, the eyes also show that person’s wealth.

See general eye, people with noble generals usually have long eyes, must be bright and have a spirit, blood, and prosperity. Meanwhile, human longevity cannot be without the circulation of blood and qi. That’s why it is said that people with long eyes have a long lifespan.

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2. Black and thick hair

Hair is a feature that says a lot about human destiny. It is an important manifestation of blood qi in the body. Black, thick, flexible, shiny hair means full blood and qi, and people are easy to live a long life.

And people with gray hair, dry and brittle, and easy to fall out are a sign of insufficient blood and blood, and it is difficult to live a long life. In addition, according to anthropology, people with thick black hair often have a lot of luck and have noble people to support.

3. Long nose

The nose is the middle music of Tung Son. According to the parable of the five elements, the general with a long nose and five songs of four Ha Thong will enjoy long-term wealth and longevity, and have a long life.

Not only that, the bearer of this nose sign has a happy and smooth life destiny, great fortune.

4. Big and thick ears

According to Medicine, the ear is closely related to the kidney. Kidney health directly affects life expectancy. Therefore, people with large and thick hands often live longer than many other people.

This is a person who likes to socialize with friends, has many social relationships. Whether you are a man or a woman, life will have a lot of luck, business and business will be favorable. When facing difficulties, they are often supported by noble people.

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5. There are wrinkles but the ordinance

But the ordinance is two wrinkles extending from the sides of the nose down, forming a groove that surrounds from the nose to the mouth. Aesthetically, the person who has this feature is somewhat less beautiful, has an old reputation, but is extremely good in anthropology.

This feature is considered as “longevity zone”, ie longevity belt. Those who are lucky to have these two wrinkles have extremely long life expectancy, and live a hundred years.

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