600 ancient villas for sale in Hanoi have up to 5,686 households

Like Newspaper Workers As reported, the Hanoi People’s Committee has decided to suspend the sale of 600 old villas built before 1954 for an overall review.

600 ancient villas for sale in Hanoi have up to 5,686 households - Photo 1.

Mr. Mac Dinh Minh, Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Construction

According to Mr. Mac Dinh Minh, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Construction, in 1998, the Prime Minister allowed the city to sell state-owned villas. In December 1998, Hanoi issued Decision 70/1998/QD-UB on the sale of state-owned villas. However, in August 2007, the Government issued Resolution 48, asking Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to stop selling villas and requiring the development of a villa management project.

At the end of 2008, the Hanoi People’s Committee submitted to the City Council to issue Resolution No. 18 on the project of managing the villa fund, with 970 villas under management, including: 207 villas on the list not for sale; 599 villas are being sold in progress and are being sold. In addition, 164 villas have sold house number plates.

After that, the Prime Minister issued Document No. 1254/TTg-KTN dated July 28, 2009 approving the project of fund management of villa managers in Hanoi city. That is, the whole project of Hanoi city has been reported to the Prime Minister and approved by the Prime Minister.

Mr. Mac Dinh Minh said that in 2012, after reviewing the list of villas, Hanoi added one more villa to be sold under the Resolution of the City Council, bringing the total to 600 units. However, compared with the management records, these 600 villas are intertwined in terms of ownership. Specifically, these 600 villas have 5,686 households, equivalent to a lease contract signed by Hanoi One Member Company Limited directly with households. At this time, the city has sold to 4,973 households.

“All villas are allowed to sell, the Housing Management Company and the Department of Construction both sell according to regulations. Currently there are 713 households, equivalent to 713 contracts, of which, the number of contracts to buy the main house is 563 households. 150 households,” said Mr. Minh.

600 ancient villas sold in Hanoi have up to 5,686 households - Photo 2.

An old villa in Hanoi

Explaining the proposal to sell 600 old villas, according to the leader of the Hanoi Department of Construction, because at the present time, households are eligible to buy, but before, they had financial difficulties, so they were not eligible to buy. . The object of sale is the area in the villa that has been arranged for households, officials and employees to use, distribute and lease houses under contracts with the State.

“The sale of villas does not have to be widely sold to all subjects, but only to those who are using it stably here, have a rental contract and a previous decision to distribute the house,” Minh affirmed. .

According to BHThanh

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