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A rare moment in nature, a mother otter hugs and protects her 1-day-old baby

April 20, 2022 06:35 GMT+7

The image is proof of the affection that creates strong bonds between creatures.

Heartwarming stories and images about motherhood always move viewers’ emotions, whether the content is related to humans or animals.

A rare moment in nature, a mother otter hugs and protects her 1-day-old baby
Rare moment mother otter hugs and protects 1-day-old baby

Recently, beautiful images of warm affection between otter mother and daughter are being shared a lot on social networks.

In a rare short video of a sea otter mother and child, a mother otter protects her one-day-old baby by letting them lie on her belly.

The mother otter hugs her one-day-old baby and floats together on the surface of the water. Baby otters look completely comfortable, safe in their mother’s warm embrace. Meanwhile, the mother otter tries to protect, cuddle, and groom the young.

At first, the video was shared on the MadeMeSmiel forum, then spread everywhere and posted on the social network Twitter, earning more than 1.5 million views.

The otters were reportedly born in a large lake at the Monterey Bay Aquarium after the mother otter sought shelter from storms in the area.

Volunteers and aquarium staff watched the otters and their babies and recorded the whole thing. However, they only discovered the mother of the otter one day after giving birth. The mother otter lies on the lake resting and relaxing after the birth, but does not forget to protect the newborn baby.

The staff were delighted to see the 1-day-old baby otter lying safely on its mother’s belly. This event has attracted many visitors to see the otter mother and her baby.

The otter floats to the surface because of its thick and smooth inner coat, the outer layer of hair that helps this animal stay dry when in the water, and at the same time retains a layer of air to keep the body warm.

In the 19th century, otters were hunted to the point of near extinction, with only about 50 left across California, USA. However, in 1972, the Marine Mammal Protection Act was passed by the US Congress, prohibiting the killing and exploitation of any marine animals.

Otter populations have since rebounded in the state, classified as Endangered on the Red List.

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