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Brilliant golden age and happy single U70 age

From the very first scenes of Love the sunny day, The character of fat lady Nga of Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy has won the hearts of the audience. After many times being “crucified” with a sharp and formidable image on the small screen, this is a rare role of Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy incarnating into a woman of a frequency, a flood.

Her husband died early, she alone struggled with the burden of vermicelli, put everything into raising her three daughters to be human, and took care of her brother’s fate. Despite hardships and suffering, she still staunchly struggled with fate, being a solid support for her children, including her adopted daughter Van Trang (Phan Minh Huyen).

Many viewers commented, in Love the sunny day, from meritorious artist Thanh Quy’s physique, charisma, smile and voice, all exude the warm familiarity of a mother, full of worry and love. Some netizens also shared that she seemed to see her mother and felt her mother’s sweat in the image of Mrs. Nga that artist Thanh Quy showed. This is not strange, because she is one of the brightest female stars of Vietnamese cinema in the 80s and 90s of the last century.

Mrs. Nga 'Loves the sunny day': The golden age is brilliant and the happy single U70 age - 1

Many viewers of “Love the sunny day back” once “begged” the Meritorious Artist not to play too well.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy was born in 1958 in Hanoi. After graduating from the Actor class II, Vietnam Film School (now Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema), Thanh Quy returned to work at Vietnam Feature Film Studio (now known as Feature Film Studio One Member Limited Company). Vietnam) and was given the first role in the movie Stormy ride. Starting to act in movies from 1976 until now, she has a huge film fortune with a series of famous works such as Love and distance, No horizon, Cactus in the sand…

Not only excelling in acting, the beauty of Thanh Quy in her youth was also in the type of leaning water. She has a beautiful beauty but is also full of personality, especially her sharp talking eyes that can express many emotions and show many types of identity. … make the audience mesmerized, fully feel the character that she embodies.

From 1976 to the first half of the 1990s was the golden age of “screen beauty” Thanh Quy. Almost every year she is invited by directors to play the lead role in a few productions. Although at that time, the Vietnamese screen had many famous stars and Thanh Quy was not the most beautiful, but she always had her place with her own identity. Thanh Quy’s characters often experience the ups and downs of fate, experience loss, bitterness, but still cherish many aspirations…

In the 2000s onwards, she acted less in movies but appeared regularly on television with many famous films such as Falling leaves season, Green morning, Law of life, Judge…

Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy once received the Golden Lotus Award, the category “Best Actress” at the 7th Vietnam Film Festival in 1985 for the role of Ngan Ha in the film.Love and distance. When she first hit the cinema, she also received a certificate of merit from the jury at the 4th Vietnam Film Festival held in 1977 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mrs. Nga 'Loves the sunny day': The golden age is brilliant and the happy single U70 age - 2
Mrs. Nga 'Loves the sunny day': The brilliant golden age and happy single U70 age - 3

The youthful beauty of Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy.

There is a sublime film career, but the personal life of Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy has experienced many ups and downs. It seems that the real life of the female artist is somewhat similar to the fateful roles that she plays on the screen.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy has been on a flower car twice, of which a 20-year marriage with her second husband, painter Thanh Chuong, is well-known to many people. Currently she lives alone, her daughter with her first husband has a family of her own.

Accustomed to living alone in the late afternoon, Thanh Quy considers loneliness like a companion to go through the days ahead. She once confided: “For me, loneliness is as natural a part as breathing, drinking water every day. No one knows in advance how things will change, but for me, the life of a ‘happy single’ person. seems to be doing well. It’s okay to be optimistic, but it’s okay to be pessimistic. Everyone enjoys and feels life in their own way.”.

Mrs. Nga 'Loves the sunny day': The golden age is brilliant and the happy single U70 age - 4

At the age of 64, Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy is satisfied with his current life and no longer wishes to have a shoulder to lean on. She feels very comfortable living in her own world. When she was sad, she would go out to have a cup of coffee or make a delicious dish, then go to meet friends and chat happily.

If she doesn’t go to the movies, the daily work of “Mrs. Nga” will revolve around going to the market, cleaning the house and cooking delicious meals to treat her children and grandchildren. Whenever there are suitable film projects, Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy is ready to participate to satisfy his passion for the profession and find joy in acting. As for the audience, the charm of artist Thanh Quy seems to have never been lost. She is one of the most persistent movie actors since her youth and is always loved by the public.

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