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Close-up of the beautiful Sun God Waterfall on the top of Ba Na

The new work is combined by Sun Group with Frilli – a sculptor family born to satisfy the world’s most demanding customers, and Susan Leyland – a sculptor who spends her life creating only horse sculptures. . A special stopover in Vietnam that once made the whole world admire, promises to continue to create a new tourism miracle when reopening to welcome international guests, with “Roman treasures” available right now. on the S-shaped strip of land.

Close-up of the beautiful Sun God Waterfall on the top of Ba Na - 1

Sun World Ba Na Hills – The tourist area that once made the world admire with the masterpiece Golden Bridge.

The family of sculpting geniuses

Frilli – statue sculptor founded by sculpting genius Antonio Frilli has spent 150 years pursuing one mission: to recreate artistic values ​​in all its spirit, to anyone in the world also admire the treasures.

In 1860, Antonio Frilli’s mastery of marble slabs from the Carrara mountains became world famous, exhibited on three continents. Ever since the founding of Stanford University in the early 20th century, statues of Antonio have been enshrined on its campus.

When Antonio died in 1904, the next generations of the Frill family continued the property and built an address for the world’s most demanding customers. The reason is simple: Antonio Frilli left his descendants the highest standards of sculpture.

Close-up of the beautiful Sun God Waterfall on the top of Ba Na - 2

Sun God Waterfall – a work by Sun Group in association with the Frilli family, brings a surprise to visitors when they return to Ba Na this summer.

Today, statues of Antonio are found in major museums and have become the subject of literature. His painting Nudo disteso sull’amaca (Nudo disteso sull’amaca) is the focal point of a novel of the same name by Gary Rinehart. Michelangelo’s Gate of Heaven in Florence, seen by millions of visitors today, is a reproduction by the Frills. The real version is being strictly preserved at the museum.

Bring the world to Vietnam

In 2018, Ascot Racecourse, the temple of British horse racing where princesses and princes meet every summer, wanted to cast a monument to the horses that served the UK in World War I. They came up with a special name, almost never appearing in the media: Susan Leyland. She was an expert in horse anatomy and sculpting, and all her life created sculptures of horses.

The horse monument at Ascot Racecourse was cast at a cost of up to 300,000 pounds (equivalent to more than 9.5 billion VND). But that’s not all: its miniature version is also limited to 100 copies, the 01 is donated to the Queen of England, 10 is displayed in Downing Street where the Prime Minister’s office is located, the rest is auctioned for charity.

You won’t be able to find Susan Leyland on Wikipedia, but people often talk about the horse statue in Ascot to describe the level of this sculptor.

Close-up of Sun God Waterfall ecstatic on top of Ba Na - 3

Exquisite sculptures at Sun God Waterfall.

And Susan Leyland sculpted horses in Da Nang, in a new iconic work of Vietnamese tourism: Sun God Waterfall at Sun World Ba Na Hills. Susan’s name alone is enough to guarantee the sophistication in the construction of this project.

Following Golden Bridge, Sun Than Waterfall is a new chapter of Sun Group’s efforts to “bring the World to Vietnam and bring Vietnam to the world”, with the help of Frilli Gallery – the standard bearers very high in “reimagining” works of art and “genius” Susan Leyland.

Waterfall of the Sun God

Sun God Waterfall at Sun World Ba Na Hills is a complex of 43 statues with the theme of Greek myth, most of which are reproductions of works that are kept in major museums around the world. Particularly the central cluster of statues, the sun god Helios on a chariot pulled by five horses, was ordered by Frilli from Susan Leyland.

Close-up of Sun God Waterfall ecstatic on top of Ba Na - 4

The Sun God Helios on a chariot led by five ferocious horses at Sun God Falls is a unique model in the world.

On his chariot, the sun god Helios is surrounded by 7 different statues of Venus and a series of other important gods of Roman mythology such as Bacchus (god of wine), Apollo (god of God) knowledge and arts) or Athena (Goddess of wisdom and war).

For more than a century, Frilli has been collecting precise molds of these priceless treasures, and reproducing them with the skill of craftsmen. To create a golden glow on the statues, Frilli used a series of special patented yellow alloys. Despite 150 years of experience, this is the first time that Frilli Gallery has used this particular alloy for such a large project.

Close-up of Sun God Waterfall ecstatic on top of Ba Na - 5

Sun God Waterfall promises to create a new tourism icon in Da Nang.

But despite the material created by modern technology, the technique of casting these bronze sculptures is still an ancient traditional technique. This craftsman’s technique is known as “lost wax bronze casting”.

It takes at least 7 different stages to create a wax bronze casting set: from silicone molding, wax prototyping, to casting, polishing, and chiseling, and final rust treatment, creating a masterpiece Sculpture can take up to 3 months. The pouring phase of copper into the mold requires the most experienced hands: the yellow copper alloy is a very viscous type of copper in the liquid phase.

Close-up of the beautiful Sun God Waterfall on the top of Ba Na - 6

Visitors enjoy exploring and taking photos at the new construction of Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Any beauty lover dreams of seeing one of humanity’s masterpieces, such as the Roman system of Venus statues at the Louvre, France, or the god Helios on the golden chariot on the Temple of Athena in Greece. It will be a journey of tens of thousands of kilometers. But Frilli Gallery – with all the care of a master sculptor – reproduces those values ​​in every detail at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

When international tourists and friends arrive in Da Nang this year’s tourist season after a long period of separation due to the COVID-19 epidemic, all will be surprised: tourism is not only revived, but truly sublimated. on the mountain of God. A new tourism icon has been created with great enthusiasm, to write a bright new chapter for this beautiful city, and continue to make Vietnam’s mark in the world.

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