Coach Park has a ‘special plan’ for Vietnam U23 at the 31st SEA Games

U23 Vietnam is taking active steps towards the goal of successfully defending the gold medal in men’s football at the 31st SEA Games. Recently, Coach Park Hang Seo has carried out many new tests on the team’s force in the draw 1- 1 with Korea U20 at Viet Tri Stadium.

The two teams will have a rematch at Hang Day Stadium on April 22. It is expected that, after this match, Coach Park will conduct the elimination of the current 11-12 Vietnamese U23 players to finalize the official list of 20 players (including 3 overage players) to attend the 31st SEA Games.

According to the latest information, the Korean strategist has just carefully planned the personnel for U23 Vietnam before the 2022 Southeast Asian Games.Coach Park is expected to keep the eliminated players at the headquartersbecoming a backup plan for the main squad in the event of an unfortunate event.

Coach Park has a special plan for U23 Vietnam at SEA Games 31 - Photo 1.

Coach Park Hang Seo will retain the eliminated players of Vietnam U23 (Photo: VFF)

Specifically, another U23 Vietnam team will be established and trained under the guidance of domestic coaches, in order to serve as a support force for Vietnam U23+3 to attend the 31st SEA Games. Coach Park Hang Seo and the Federation Vietnam football (VFF) has agreed that it will have to have different plans to be proactive with all possible situations at the 31st SEA Games.

Accordingly, the U23 Vietnam team with the force of eliminated players who are not allowed to play the 31st SEA Games plus some players on the preliminary list but were not summoned will form a group of about 18-20. People.

This “small” squad is expected to focus on April 30 and Coach Park will delegate the authority to Vietnamese assistants to manage. Meanwhile, assistant Gong Oh Kyun continued to be one of the members of the U2 Vietnam coaching staff at SEA Games 31, before officially taking over the hot seat of Mr. Park after the Games.

Coach Park has a special plan for U23 Vietnam at SEA Games 31 - Photo 3.

A “small” squad will be formed to respond at the 31st SEA Games (Photo: VFF)

Coach Park’s establishment of a “slightly” Vietnam U23 team includes two purposes. Firstly, in the event that the main team has a case of Covid-19, U23 Vietnam will be able to add players from this B squad according to the regulations of the 31st SEA Games Organizing Committee.

Secondly, this B squad will also be the force handed over to assistant Gong Oh Kyun later to prepare for the 2022 AFC U23 Championship in June. Park’s fellow strategist will select the factors. featured in the SEA Games and a “small” lineup to choose the best frame for the continental tournament.

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