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Consequences for breaking into the zoo to feed “starved tigers because of Covid-19”

According to the Daily Mail, Australian man Minh Nguyen has raised more than $45,000 in donations to buy food to feed the animals at Phuket Zoo.

Minh Nguyen and three friends, including an American woman, were arrested by Thai police when they broke into the zoo with food.

A few weeks ago, Minh Nguyen shared a video on YouTube, filming the zoo without people. Minh Nguyen said that the animals at the zoo were starved because the staff had to stay at home during the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Minh Nguyen has called for donations of up to 45,000 USD.

Minh Nguyen then regularly returned to the zoo, giving the animals here food and drink, and even set up a donation fund.

Recently, Minh Nguyen had to pay the price for breaking into the zoo, when the owner of the zoo happened to watch a video on YouTube and alerted the police.

Explaining his actions, Minh Nguyen said that when he knew the animals were not starving, he went to the zoo owner, asking for a fundraiser to buy food for the animals, because the zoo said they are having a lot of trouble.

But the zoo owner denied Minh Nguyen’s claim. The person told the local newspaper that “the animals do not starve and the zoo is able to take care of them”.

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Minh Nguyen feeds a tiger in the zoo.

As a result, Minh Nguyen and his friends were arrested by the police for allegedly repeatedly entering the zoo, violating the cybersecurity law.

The lawyer representing Minh Nguyen and friends, said: “This is just a misunderstanding. Minh Nguyen was allowed in by the zoo owner’s mother to feed the animals.”

Minh Nguyen and friends are scheduled to appear in court on May 25.

The Ministry of Health recommends isolation and health monitoring in the prevention of Covid-19:

For close contacts of Covid-19 positive patients: Must be isolated at a medical facility for 14 days, and at the same time take samples for testing.

For people in contact with close contacts of Covid-19 positive patients: Isolation, health monitoring at home, place of residence, residence within 14 days and notify local authorities (wards, communes, townships) and must closely monitor the health situation. If you have symptoms of fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, chills or difficulty breathing, immediately isolate yourself at a medical facility and take samples for testing.

– Regularly wear a mask and cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing.

– Wash your hands with soap frequently to avoid the risk of spreading the disease to others.

– Share your travel schedule with medical staff.

– Immediately call the information hotline: 19003228 and 19009095.

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