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Detailed schedule of high school graduation exam 2022

Details of high school graduation exam schedule 2022 - 1

This year’s high school graduation exam is basically stable in terms of organization method like in 2021, so the Ministry of Education and Training has not issued exam regulations. Candidates take the three compulsory subjects Math, Literature, and Foreign Languages ​​with two combination exams, namely Natural Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or Social Science (History, Geography, Education). citizenship for candidates in a general education program; or History and Geography for candidates in continuing education).

The content of the exam is in the high school curriculum, mainly in grade 12. Except for Literature, the essay exam, other subjects are in the form of multiple choice.

To be considered for graduation, high school candidates must complete three independent exams and one combination exam. As for the continuing education candidates, they take two independent exams, Math and Literature, with the same combination. This group can register for more foreign language exams to get the results Admissions because most universities still spend most of their enrollment targets by the results of the high school graduation exam, in addition to many other methods.

The high school graduation exam takes place nationwide with the participation of about 900,000 to one million candidates each year. Exam results are mainly used to consider high school graduation. Most universities and colleges use this test score as the main method for admission, among many other methods.

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