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Dich Vong Secondary School, Hanoi denied the information that weak students were forced not to take the exam to 10th grade

On the afternoon of April 20, Ms. Le Thi Thuy Nga, Principal of Dich Vong Secondary School, confirmed that she had not received any feedback from parents regarding teachers or schools forcing students to study poorly. transfer schools and are not allowed to participate in the transfer exam to high school. “The above incident did not happen at the school”Mrs. Nga said.

Currently, the school has proposed to the District People’s Committee and Cau Giay Department of Education and Training to soon have a solution, verify information on social networks to avoid affecting the school and the industry in general. “Teachers and school administrators are very confused when there is such information,” the principal shared.

Dich Vong Secondary School, Hanoi denied the information that weak students were forced not to take the exam for grades 10 - 1

Dich Vong Secondary School, Hanoi denied information that forced weak students not to take the 10th grade exam. (Artwork: TN)

A representative of the Cau Giay Department of Education and Training also said that, as soon as it received some information reflected on social networks related to the requirement that the 9th grade students with poor academic performance have to transfer schools and not take the exam to enter the 10th grade, the Department District Education and Training has worked with Dich Vong Secondary School and Nghia Tan Secondary School to verify.

“Through work, the Department of Education and Training did not detect cases where students and parents of the two schools mentioned above were forced to transfer schools or were not allowed to enter 10th grade.”the representative emphasized.

According to statistics, in the school year 2021 – 2022, Nghia Tan Secondary School has 16 classes with a total of 729 students, 11 students transferred schools; Dich Vong Secondary School has 12 classes with 596 students and 25 transfer students. The transfer students all follow the wishes of the parents due to the relocation, among the transfer students there are students who are classified as Excellent.

Along with that, leaders of the Department of Education and Training also called to verify some parents (Dich Vong Secondary School verified 44 parents, Nghia Tan Secondary School 21 parents), the results 100% of respondents confirmed that there was no school. forced to transfer schools.

Previously, the Cau Giay District Education and Training Department sent a written request to secondary schools to absolutely not force or encourage students with average or weak academic ability to transfer schools or not participate in registering for the 10th grade exam. For this to happen, the school principal is fully responsible.

From the evening of April 19, social networks and forums shared information that some secondary schools in Hanoi mobilized and even asked students in grade 9 with poor academic performance to transfer to private schools or commit not to take the exam. 10 public.

The information comes at a time when secondary schools are organizing career guidance for final students before the 10th grade entrance exam, which will be held in mid-June.

Although the complaints did not point to specific schools, many parents confirmed that they had “fallen into this situation”. The reason given by the school is that if a student fails the public 10th grade, the school and the teachers who teach it will be affected in terms of grading. Middle school students will be considered for graduation, no exam required, so their 10th grade exam results are one of the criteria for evaluating schools and 9th grade teachers.

This year, the whole city of Hanoi expects about 129,000 students to be considered for secondary school graduation (an increase of about 19,000 students compared to the 2020-2021 school year). However, only about 60% of secondary school graduates have the opportunity to enter the public 10th grade (about 77,000 students), the rest go to private schools (about 27,000 students). Continuing education centers recruit about 12,900 students, the rest about 12,100 children attend vocational education institutions.

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