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Diplomatic Academy opens two new branches, sharply increasing targets

This year, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam enrolls 2,200 students, an increase of 650 from last year’s 1,550 and more than four times the target of 500 in 2020.

On the evening of April 19, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam announced the targets and expected fields of training. For two consecutive years, the school has sharply increased its targets and expanded its training majors.

This year, each major of International Relations and International Communication recruited 500 students – equal to the target of the whole school in 2020 and earlier. Next, International Economics recruited 250, International Law, English Language and International Business, 200 each.

In addition to these six majors, Diplomatic Academy opened two new majors: International Commercial Law, enrolling 100 students, and Asia-Pacific Studies (including American studies, Chinese studies, Japanese studies, Korean studies). study), recruiting 250 students.

Candidates taking the 2020 high school graduation exam in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Huu Khoa

Candidates taking the 2020 high school graduation exam in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Huu Khoa

The school plans to apply five enrollment methods. In there, Combined entrance examination with international certificates and academic records accounting for the largest proportion – 52%, equivalent to 1,143 targets. This method requires candidates to have one of IELTS 6.0 or higher (or equivalent) – apply to English, DELF-B1 (French), HSK 4 (Chinese), Topik 3 (Korean) , N3 (Japan); at the same time achieve the average of three semesters (except for the second semester of grade 12) at least 8.

The second method is admission examination transcripts, only used for students of specialized schools or winners of excellent students at the provincial level, participating in national competitions. The conditions for academic records are equivalent to the combined admissions method. The school spends 15% of the target on this method.

Diplomatic Academy also combination of academic transcript review and interview candidates who graduated from high school programs abroad or spent time abroad; have special abilities and achievements in the fields of culture, art, science… or win prizes in international competitions. The foreign language requirements are equivalent to the combined admissions method. The target for this method is 5%.

Diplomatic Academy still considers admissions straight and prioritizes admissions according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training (3%), based on the results of the 2022 high school graduation exam (25%).

The school accepts combinations of: A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry), A01 (Math, Physics, English), C00 (Literature, History, Geography), D01 (Math, Literature, English), D03 (Math, Van, French), D04 (Math, Literature, Chinese), D07 (Math, Chemistry, English).

Last year, the Diplomatic Academy took lowest benchmark 27an increase of nearly 2 points compared to 2020.

All 5 industries on a scale of 30 take the standard score of 27 or higher. In which, International Communication – 27.9, followed by International Relations 27.6. The English Language Department is calculated on a scale of 40, the standard score is 36.9.

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