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Do not force weak students to skip exams, parents may misunderstand

At the press conference on the afternoon of April 20, Mr. Doan Tien Trung, Deputy Head of the Education and Training Department of Cau Giay district, said that as soon as the social network appeared some information reflecting the fact that a number of secondary schools in Hanoi, in which Referring to Dich Vong Secondary School “forcing weak students not to take the exam to grade 10”, the Department of Education and Training urgently implemented information checks and verifications.

Since the beginning of the school year until now, Dich Vong Secondary School has recorded 11 students applying to transfer schools. The Department of Education and Training directly calls the parents of students who apply for a transfer to verify. 100% of parents said that this transfer is from the wishes and conditions of each family, not related to career guidance or the impact of the school.

“I affirm, there is absolutely no way that Dich Vong Secondary School forces weak students not to enter 10th grade or transfer schools.” Mr. Trung said.

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Mr. Doan Tien Trung, Deputy Head of Education and Training Department in Cau Giay district, answered the press on the afternoon of April 20.

Responding to the question of not only one but many parents reflecting on the situation of being forced by the school to sign a commitment not to let their children enter the 10th grade exam due to poor academic performance, Mr. Trung said: “It may be because the information from teachers to parents during counseling sessions is jammed, causing parents to misunderstand.”

According to Mr. Trung, 2021 – 2022 is an unprecedented school year, when for 3 consecutive years, students in grades 7, 8, 9 have to study online, the pressure to enter 10th grade is huge.

Therefore, the Department of Education and Training in Cau Giay district regularly directs schools to organize psychological counseling sessions, check and review students’ knowledge… to help them stabilize their psychology and make up for it. knowledge “gaps” due to having to study online for a long time.

Such counseling sessions are included in the working schedule and recorded minutes. The Department of Education and Training also checked and compared with information from parents who had participated in working sessions, there was no case that the school or teachers forced weak, poor students to transfer or not take the high school exam.

“Teachers’ communication with parents may cause misunderstandings. Maybe in the near future we will foster communication skills for teachers,” Mr. Trung said.

The deputy director of the Education and Training Department also said that schools have no reason to prevent poor students from entering grade 10 because the percentage of students who pass the exam to high schools is not included in the criteria for assessing the achievement of junior high schools. or the competition results of individual teachers.

In the afternoon of the same day, the District Department of Education and Training sent a document to all junior high schools in the district, asking the schools to review, check and report whether or not there is a phenomenon of forcing students to be weak, do not take exams. entering 10th grade or transferring schools.

“If it is discovered that any individual teacher or school that advises or forces students or parents not to let them take the exam to 10th grade or transfer schools, they will resolutely handle it.” Mr. Doan Tien Trung said.

On the evening of April 19, many forums reflected on the fact that some secondary schools in Hanoi mobilized and even asked students in grade 9 with poor academic performance to transfer to private schools, vocational schools or commit not to take the exam to grade 10. public.

The information comes at a time when secondary schools are organizing career guidance for seniors ahead of the 10th grade entrance exam. The complaints refer to two secondary schools in Cau Giay district. Some parents in other districts also said that “this has happened before”.

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