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Does Hien Ho “have a door” to return to showbiz after the apology?

After a month of her career “freezing” because of the “relying” scandal, the name Hien Ho was hot again on social networks after she apologized. In the past 2 days, the female singer has continuously made moves to regain the public’s affection.

Looking back at the shocking scandal

Hien Ho was once known for his innocent image and somewhat naive and lovely statements on television. In the program Wave 22Tran Thanh once affirmed: “No one has energy like Hien Ho. Hien Ho will be innocent until 80 years old, believe me!”.

However, at the end of March 2022, the social network suddenly stirred up before a series of romantic photos of Hien Ho with an elderly man who was later identified as a married businessman. Immediately, the female singer locked all social network accounts and kept quiet, despite the audience’s questions and criticism. This giant then spoke up saying that the two’s relationship was “a cousin who relies on each other”, making the public even more outraged by the leaked image online with the scene of them touching their cheeks, kissing.. . is completely inconsistent with kinship. The pure and beautiful image that the female singer once built also “disappeared into smoke” when faced with a scandal.

Does Hien Ho

One month since the scandal broke out, Hien Ho has apologized to the public and family. Posting a letter on her personal page, the singer admitted she was wrong and disappointed in herself. Explaining the silence for a long time, Hien Ho said that she was quite scared, did not know how to solve the crisis, and did not want to involve others, but did not intend to avoid it.

“As a young artist, I feel that I have been subjective and somewhat immature in thinking and behaving, leading to many unforeseen consequences, terrible things that I have to face during this time. I really hope for everyone’s understanding, tolerance and compassion. I hope the public doesn’t dig deep so as not to affect those involved.”Hien Ho wrote.

Previously, Hien Ho answered VTV: “The crux of the problem is my own mistake when I let myself fall into a scandalous relationship. Now I have to face and suffer. The information around, whether true or false, the explanation is not important now”.

On the morning of April 20, the online community spread an apology letter attributed to Hien Ho, with the content apologizing to fans for disappointing them. It is not clear whether this letter was written by Hien Ho or not, but the reaction of the reader is still unfavorable to her.

Does Hien Ho
Does Hien Ho

Can an apology save Hien Ho?

Although he admitted his mistake, Hien Ho still did not receive sympathy from the public. The storm of criticism and sarcasm continued to circulate on social media, with the general opinion that Hien Ho’s mistake could not be forgiven with just a few apology posts.

Most viewers believe that the object Hien Ho needs to apologize to is not them, but the people who have been hurt by her. Many people expressed a tough attitude, resolutely not accepting Hien Ho’s return to showbiz. Under an article by VTC News, readers also stated that it is necessary to take strict action against artists who violate ethics: Vietnamese audiences should not be easy on artists with such private lives, which will affect young people. State management agencies must limit the ‘airtime’ of artists with bad private lives.”

Does Hien Ho

The harsh response of the public shows that Hien Ho’s way back to showbiz will be very difficult. Except for a very small number of viewers who expressed the opinion “hit those who run away, no one beat those who run back”, wanting to look at her talent rather than the singer’s private life problems, most netizens said that with the Whatever she did, an apology isn’t enough to get things back to the way they were.

Many people refer to the Code of Conduct for people working in the field of the arts that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued in December 2021. Accordingly, artists have the obligation to uphold the moral quality, prestige and honor of art practitioners, in accordance with social ethical standards, fine customs and traditions, and Vietnamese cultural traditions. Because artists are influential people who influence the public through their lifestyle and behavior with the community, many viewers can consider them as idols and role models to follow.

In Vietnam, there are currently no regulations banning waves, “freezing” activities for artists who violate ethical rules, so in whether Hien Ho can return to the entertainment industry, the power belongs to the audience. fake.

Compared with the public enjoying the art of Japan and Korea, where artists with “stains” of morality and law violations have almost no way back, Vietnamese audiences are said to be easygoing and forgetful. much more. Many showbiz characters are still invited to attend events, act in movies, go to sing… after their misdeeds. Will the same thing happen with Hien Ho, when the ease of Vietnamese audiences tends to decrease? Perhaps only time will tell.

Hien Ho, born in 1997, became famous after winning the runner-up prize for Vietnamese Voice 2017. Coming out of the contest, the female singer quickly achieved success in the Vietnamese music market with a series of “hit” songs such as: Don’t say I’m crazy, Then the loved one turns into a stranger, The old me was different, I met but didn’t stay…

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