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Eating spinach like this in the summer is like a ‘poison’, you need to know to avoid it

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

Spinach is delicious, healthy and the choice of many families in the summer. However, not everyone knows how to eat this vegetable properly so as not to harm health.

Eating spinach like this in the summer is like a 'poison', you need to know to avoid - 1

Mistakes when eating spinach soup

Eat too much spinach

Spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid. This substance can reduce the body’s absorption of calcium and iron. If you eat too much spinach, it can reduce the absorption of calcium and iron. In the long term, the body will be deficient in these two substances, causing negative effects on health.

In addition, spinach is also high in purines. This compound when entering the body has the ability to convert into uric acid. This increases the risk of kidney stones. Not only that, the oxalic acid in spinach, when combined with calcium in vegetables, can also form calcium oxalate.

This substance, if not excreted, can increase the risk of kidney stone formation. Therefore, you should not eat too much spinach.

In addition, spinach has a rich fiber content. So if you eat a lot, it can have the opposite effect, making your stomach upset, which can make constipation worse. Therefore, if the stomach is not good, do not eat or should eat only in small amounts.

Experts recommend that you only eat spinach 2-3 times a week.

Eat raw spinach

Spinach has a cold property, so it can cause bloating and indigestion if eaten raw. Moreover, cooking the spinach will make the body absorb the maximum nutrients. Therefore, no matter how much you like it, you should not eat this vegetable raw.

Eat spinach to stay overnight

All green vegetables should not be left overnight, nor should spinach. The abundant nitrate content in the bamboo shoots can be broken down to form nitrite.

This substance when entering the stomach will continue to be affected and converted into nitrosamine. This compound has been shown to cause cancer of the esophagus, stomach, and diseases of the digestive system.

Therefore, if you miss cooking, don’t save a little, but save it for the next day, it’s very bad for your health.

Eat spinach with beef

Beef and spinach are on the list of ‘disgusting’ foods. Because when eaten together, beef can lose the laxative properties of spinach. People who are constipated and eat beef with spinach can also make the condition worse.

Eat spinach raw, undercooked

Spinach when eaten raw will cause bloating, indigestion, that’s why according to folk experience, this vegetable with a lot of mucus needs to be cooked thoroughly. Not to mention, thoroughly cooking the spinach before eating also helps you make the most of the nutrients in this vegetable. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to eat raw spinach.

Eating spinach like this in the summer is like a 'poison', you need to know to avoid - 2

People who shouldn’t eat nettle

People with kidney stones

Spinach contains a lot of purines – organic compounds that, when entering the body, will turn into uric acid, increasing the risk of developing kidney stones. The oxalic acid in spinach increases the concentration of calcium oxalate in the urine, leading to the development of kidney stones.

People who just got tartar

Because the oxalic acid in spinach does not dissolve in water, it is easy to create stains on the teeth. People who have just had tartar are advised not to eat spinach for 1-2 weeks.

People with stomach ache

The high fiber content in spinach can make your stomach upset when you eat a lot. Therefore, people with stomach pain should not eat spinach.

People with diarrhea, loose stools

Folk often use spinach as a vegetable to cool down, add new fluids, prevent dryness and prevent constipation because nettle has laxative properties. But it is also because of this feature that people with diarrhea and loose stools should not eat. If intentionally eaten, the nettle will be the cause of the disease worse.

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