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Enjoy the performance of Muay fighters stirring up the atmosphere of SEA Games 31

Beautiful matches, fiery competitions and exciting atmosphere at Van Lang Park, District 5 – the venue for the 9th Ho Chi Minh City Sports Congress of Muay – in 2022 created a stir. Excited at the front sea ​​Games thirty first.

18 fighting finals on the last day of competition brought a lot of excitement and excitement to the audience. The boxers present at the gold medal match eloquently proved their talent with sharp technical moves and powerful moves, offering beautiful attacks to please the viewers. Head of the department, General Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Muay Federation Giap Trung Thang commented: “It’s been a long time since we, experts have felt happy because of this fierce competition between boxers. .

The blows create attraction and drama

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Deputy Director of Department of Culture Sport Ho Chi Minh City Mai Ba Hung presents the award

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All of them are very young and have only potential but have played with a fighting spirit to the end, without compromise in every match. The attacks are fast, decisive, quite diverse and effective, making everyone see it interesting. It can be said that the professional quality of the tournament shows the clear progress of the boxers this time, thereby showing that the Muay movement of Ho Chi Minh City is still developing in the right direction, with both breadth and depth. will certainly contribute more to the development of this subject on a national level.”

Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Muay Federation Phan Ngoc Huy (center), General Secretary of the Federation Giap Trung Thang (right) and Director of District 5 Sports Center Nguyen Ngoc Tu (left) award the whole team

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The matches that are considered surprising and interesting are the fights between Vu Dai Luat from Tan Phu unit and Bui Thanh Tho from District 6 in the 54kg weight class. An unexpected situation occurred right in the first half when Thanh Tho fell into a position of being cornered by receiving many heavy blows from the opponent, making him dizzy and unfortunately “taste” the opponent’s flying knee and then collapsed to the floor. . Blood appeared from Thanh Tho’s palate, causing the referee to immediately stop the match and declare the knockout victory for Vu Dai Luat. As for Bui Thanh Tho, he was given first aid by the medical team on the floor, the injury condition of the boxer of the district 6 unit was also confirmed to be not too severe and will recover quickly.

The matches are hot

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In addition to the above match, other fiery matches were continuously applauded by viewers such as in the women’s 54kg category between Le Ngoc Phuong Nghi (Thu Duc) and Nguyen Thanh Hang (Tan Phu); Ly Quoc Thinh (District 10) meets Pham Ngoc Man (District 7); Ho Gia Hieu (Tan Binh) meets Dang Tri Kien (Thu Duc). Lonely, coach Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat assessed in general: “Watching the children compete, we realize that the potential of Muay Ho Chi Minh City is still great. The matches that are put out in the open for the public to see like this are very good, creating great excitement, so they should continue to be promoted because the boxers will be given more fire and encouragement, so everyone plays very enthusiastically. . Many children with better investment from Ho Chi Minh City Muay Federation will surely improve even more’.

Show off the strong legs of the martial artists

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Previously, the waikru competitions for men and women also gave the curious audience the most beautiful performances that Muay has to offer. Overall results after 3 days of competition, Thu Duc city unit led the team results with 6 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 4 bronze medals. Following closely is the District 5 unit with coach Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat, holding 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 8 bronze medals. The third place belonged to District 3 with 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals, 1 bronze medal, closing the eye-opening tournament opening for the 9th Ho Chi Minh City Sports Congress in Muay – 2022, creating a strong stirring atmosphere. Strongly ahead of the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi and especially Muay will be contested in Vinh Phuc.

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