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Fever with the bill of 4 cups of coffee nearly 29 million

Mr. Nguyen Quoc H. (owner of a coffee shop in Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province) confirmed that 4 customers who came to enjoy coffee at the shop had paid a total of more than 29 million VND for drinks. In which, 4 cups of “fire phoenix” coffee alone cost 28.8 million VND, equivalent to 7.2 million VND/cup.

Fever with the bill of 4 cups of coffee nearly 29 million VND - 1

4 cups of coffee cost 28.8 million VND, equivalent to 7.2 million/cup (Photo: NVCC).

These 4 cups of “fire phoenix” coffee were once accused of “cutting off” by tourists because they had to pay nearly 250,000 VND. Right after that, the Market Management Department of Lam Dong province and the authorities of Bao Loc district stepped in to check and verify the information.

Regarding a cup of coffee costing VND 7.2 million, Mr. Nguyen Quoc H. said that on April 20, 4 guests came to his shop to admire the scenery and enjoy coffee, of which he was familiar. know a person.

After listening to the shop describe the production process, preparation and meaning of each cup of coffee, the other 4 people agreed to enjoy the drink costing more than 7 million VND above.

“The shop’s products will be aimed at different customers, in which the value and meaning of each cup of coffee is emphasized. Each cup of coffee prepared can be considered “unique” at the coffee shop. In Vietnam, the price of 7.2 million VND/cup is completely reasonable if not lower than a cup of coffee of nearly 100 million VND”, said Mr. H. confidently.

When asked if this was a trick of the shop after being accused of “hacking” a cup of coffee for nearly 250,000 VND, Mr. H. denied and said that 3 out of 4 guests came to enjoy a cup of coffee. The price of 7.2 million dong is all people he doesn’t know. Therefore, it is difficult for tourists to accept to spend a large amount of money if this is not really a valuable cup of coffee.”

Fever with the bill of 4 cups of coffee nearly 29 million VND - 2

The “fire phoenix” coffee cup of Mr. H’s shop (Photo cut from the clip).

Previously, on April 12, on the social network facebook, information was spread from a tourist who “accused” of having to pay 249,000 VND/cup of coffee (total 996,000 VND for 4 cups) after coming to drink. at Mr. H’s shop.

After receiving the complaint, the authorities of Lam Dong province conducted an inspection and made a record of the above cafe because there was no coffee drink named “fire phoenix” on the menu, and the price on the menu marked “fire phoenix”. erased and freshly pasted.

An official of the Market Management Team No. 3 – Lam Dong Market Management Department said: “Coffee is not an essential commodity, nor is it a commodity that the State regulates on prices, so buying and selling Business is an agreement between two parties.During the process of making coffee, the owner also informed the visitor about the price, so he collected money, so there was no basis to handle the coffee shop because of the coffee cup. price 249,000 VND”.

According to the introduction from the owner, “fire phoenix” coffee is made from a combination of many additives such as wild honey, eggs, royal jelly and foreign wines. After brewing, the coffee is burned directly with a mini gas cylinder.

(According to Dan Tri)

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