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Frustrated when my husband is inferior to me in every way

I do not feel my husband’s effort in making money, all household expenses seem to fall on my shoulders.

My husband and I have been married for five years and have two boys. I’m an employee, my monthly income is about 25 million VND, I get another 20 million VND from overtime each month. My husband is a freelancer, the salary is unstable. Since getting married, I have not asked my husband how much money to give each month. I know your salary is not much, even if you go to the market, you don’t have any leftovers.

My income is enough to pay for everything in the family, so I don’t put that problem on my husband. The big and small things in the family I decided and he followed, but I felt really tired. Sometimes I don’t know if he is the husband or I am the husband. Everything he did was passive, like when we bought a house, he never asked if he had paid off the debt, how much was left, how much was the monthly electricity and water bill. There were times when I asked my husband to pay for electricity and water, he said no, like if I don’t have it, you have to take care of it yourself. I have money to pay, just asking to see how my husband is.

>> Never blame the husband even though he is inferior in every way

He is a gentle, hardworking person, he takes care of all the housework and food. I come home from work to focus on selling more online, not doing housework. Many times I exchange, hope you are more active, learn more to increase income. Now that my children are grown, there are many expenses, and there are many other things waiting for me, I’m sure I’m lucky all the time at work, what if one day I’m also unemployed.

Many times I wonder if I was wrong when I entered this marriage? He is inferior to me in every way, except for doing housework. He loved the afternoon so I decided to get married. Now facing the pressure, sometimes I feel terribly tired. Seeing that my friends don’t have to struggle as much as I do, I think why do I have to work so hard. My friends tell me all the time why you have to work so hard. I can’t sit idle, doing leisurely work is unbearable. In addition to the company, I still do business. Sometimes I feel resentful, I try so much but my husband doesn’t see it to try with. I’m so sad, how do I change my husband? Or I don’t need to try anymore.


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