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Give away 1,000 combos of lung examination after COVID-19

In particular, on April 23, TCI organized a talkshow “Unpredictable post-COVID sequelae – Proper screening” with lots of useful information and thousands of valuable health gifts.

Beware of lung damage after COVID-19

The lungs are the organs hardest hit by COVID-19. At the same time, lung damage after recovery is also one of the most typical and common sequelae. This sequelae can occur in many levels from mild to severe, but all affect the patient’s health and quality of life with symptoms: prolonged cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, pain or tightness in the chest. when you exert yourself…

Ms. NTT (35 years old) went to Thu Cuc TCI Health System for examination with dry cough, fatigue, nose area after 1 month of contracting Covid-19. The Internal Medicine Doctor at TCI examined and assigned Ms. T. to take a straight chest X-ray. The results on the X-ray showed abnormality: The image of the cloud was not uniform at the level of the left anterior arch of the II-III ribs. Combined with the CT scan, Ms. T. was diagnosed with congestive pneumonia and post-COVID-19 pulmonary fibrosis.

Give away 1,000 combos for lung examination after COVID-19 - Photo 1.

Lung images of NTT patients damaged after infection with SARS-CoV-2

It is known that Ms. NTT is just one of many patients who came to Thu Cuc TCI for post-COVID-19 check-ups and discovered lung damage. According to Doctor, CKI Doctor Nguyen Duc Hoan – Director of Thu Cuc 32 Dai Tu General Hospital (Former Deputy Director cum Head of General Internal Medicine Department at Military Institute for Senior Officers – Military Central Hospital 108): ” SARS-CoV-2 has a strong affinity for the respiratory organs, causing damage and leaving many sequels in the lungs.Common lung problems after COVID-19 include: pneumonia, atelectasis, pleural effusion pneumothorax, pneumothorax, lung abscess, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary embolism, etc. Lung damage can occur in both cases with underlying disease or without. These sequelae will cause severe impairment of respiratory function and can be life-threatening.”

1000 free lung test combos

Experts at Thu Cuc TCI recommend: Proactive examination after COVID-19 is the optimal solution to help check and detect abnormalities in the lungs as well as other organs. From there, the treatment ensures timeliness and best results.

To accompany patients in the process of overcoming post-COVID-19 pulmonary sequelae, Thu Cuc TCI Health System offers 1000 free post-COVID-19 lung examination combos in April 2022. Combo includes clinical examination service with a leading internal medicine doctor and chest X-ray.

Give away 1,000 combos for lung examination after COVID-19 - Photo 2.

Thu Cuc TCI offers 1000 free lung check-ups after COVID-19

In which, X-ray is an imaging diagnostic that can detect many lesions in the lungs, including: interstitial lesions (opaque mesh image, blurred glass, interstitial edema); nodules, localized or diffuse shading; Localized or diffuse parenchymal consolidation;… Clinical examination and X-ray films are an important basis for doctors to further specify in order to detect early dangerous complications in the lungs after COVID-19 , such as pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary embolism,…

In addition, TCI also implemented many attractive incentives in April: 40% off health check-up and cancer screening packages (applied at 32 Dai Tu and 136 Nguyen Trai establishments); 40% discount on gastroscopy and 35% on digestive examination packages (applied at 32 Dai Tu facility); Free examination and up to 25% discount on paraclinical services for adults and children (applied at 32 Dai Tu and 136 Nguyen Trai establishments), plasma screening and night care vouchers for pregnant mothers to buy maternity package (applied at 32 Dai Tu and 136 Nguyen Trai facilities).

Talkshow screening for sequelae after COVID – Useful information

On April 23, 2022, Thu Cuc TCI held a talkshow “Unpredictable post-Covid sequelae – Proper screening” at facility 32 Dai Tu, Hoang Mai, Hanoi.

Talkshow has the participation of TCI doctors with expertise, experience in medical examination and treatment in general and post-Covid-19 treatment in particular: Internal Medicine Doctor Le Quynh Giang, Pediatric Internal Medicine Doctor Tran Thanh Ha, Gastroenterologist Le Xuan Thang.

Here, people are directly answered questions by doctors about post-COVID-19 sequelae in adults and children. At the same time, the doctor also advises on how to take care of your health after COVID-19, instructing on how to properly and effectively screen. In particular, 100% of customers attending will receive a free lung exam including specialized examination and chest X-ray. Besides, there are hundreds of lucky draw gifts of attractive value.

To register for a talkshow, schedule a visit or receive detailed advice, please contact the hotline 1900 55 88 96.

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