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Gojek leads the trend of ordering food in the version of “Date at work”

Gojek leads the food order trend of the

Recently, on the official Fanpage, Gojek introduced the long-running drama that airs every week at noon – “Date at work”. Update the hotness of the movie “Dating in the office” and the love contract story of the CEO Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and his subordinate Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) in the office, the movie of Gojek also revolves around the “eating and drinking story” of the 4 main characters in the role of president, secretary, department head and staff, and… a lot of supporting characters have not appeared yet.

Possessing a “dream” cast, Gojek’s film quickly attracted the attention of the online community: Order President, Order Closing Clerk, Voucher Manager, Woman can eat whatever. In any case, if the Chairman of the order always receives many admiring glances when every time he pays the bill for the whole group with the motto “My love for food has no limit”, then the secretary closes the order. always receive the trust of colleagues… in taking orders thanks to the sharp, careful spirit and understanding of everyone’s eating habits better than myself. On the voucher master, under the discount code, where there is a good deal, there is a voucher manager. The final boss – “Women can eat whatever they want” is attracted by the spirit of eating without borders. Because she is a woman with a normal family background, easy to raise, and easy to pamper, anyone who asks what to eat, immediately answers “You can eat anything”. It was this that made the Chairman of the order “see” and thought: “This girl is interesting”. A series of hot sayings of “Dating at work” in Korea have been successfully adapted in the food order version: “Perhaps my only weakness is that everything is good”, “I know the common ground”. What’s the difference between this card and your love? There is no limit”, “I’ve never caught a two-handed fish. Three-handed, four-handed, octopus-handed”… Needless to say How quickly does the soul of eating in the office catch the trend when it is easy to see her silhouette in the characters of the movie above.

Gojek leads the food order trend of the

I thought that was the end of the trend, then wait, please stop for 2 seconds. Walking around the Gojek fanpage, foodies again encountered the type of order connecting from the “banh cuon” pole, bold in the office. That’s Gojek updating the trend of linking words into how to order a dish where the last word of that dish will become the starting word for another meaningful sentence. Let’s listen to it: “Let me order a carrot smoothie when will I finally pay” (carrots – finally), “Let me order a black glass of flying ice” (black ice – flying ice), “Cho I ordered a cup of tea to get an idea”, “Let me order a glass of fresh milk as if my boss complimented me”. This way of ordering this dish has appeared before, but only sporadically and hidden in the happy comments of netizens, now it has been gathered by Gojek and has become strangely “hot”. Food lovers who love literature also have the opportunity to respond: “Let me order a glass of silver xiu in front of my beauty”, “Let me order a custard apple smoothie that I wish to see” or “Let me order an avocado smoothie and live”.

Gojek leads the food order trend of the

“Gojek also caught the trend quickly”, “So salty, Gojek auntie”, “Excellent Gojek oi”, these are the winged compliments of the online community for Gojek’s quickness and fashion, especially officer.

Gojek leads the food order trend of the

The online community praises Gojek’s quickness and trendiness

Every late afternoon, many “beautiful boys and girls” in the office have a craving for snacks, not to mention the harsh “cravings”. Sitting in District 1 but just looking forward to “emergency landing” in District 3 to immediately enjoy mixed rice paper, what should I do? Colleagues invite to eat together but shake their heads, they are both guilty of good food and sometimes “chill the comradeship”. So instead of carrying a car through the sun and wind, the office association is always hovering around GoFood on Gojek to wait for the blue-shirted shipper to bring food and drinks that are both delicious and fast, but also catch the top trend. Instant joy in the workplace. Immediately update food trends on fanpage Gojek and by the way pocket the program “Snake Dragon to deal with the same price 14k” to receive a deal of the same price of 14K, plus a deal of up to 30% off and Freeship code from attractive food stalls!

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