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Hai Phong tourism waiting for take-off day-Travel

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 13:40 PM (GMT+7)

Owning the famous destinations Do Son, Cat Ba, is one of the major sea tourism centers of the Northern region and the whole country, but Hai Phong tourism is still limited.

Workshop “Hai Phong Tourism – Golden opportunity for breakthrough” with the desire to find a solution to awaken potential, bring travel becoming a spearhead economic sector in Hai Phong city was jointly organized by Hai Phong Department of Tourism and Tien Phong newspaper on April 19 in Cat Ba, Hai Phong under the leadership of the National Administration of Tourism.

Lots of potential but not yet attracting customers

Mr. Nguyen Le Phuc, Deputy General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, stated that Hai Phong has many favorable conditions for tourism development. As an important traffic hub, one of the major sea tourism centers of the Northern region and the whole country, is a long-standing land with many important cultural traditions, history, important festivals as well as natural resources. With rich natural tourism resources associated with the sea and eco-tourism resources, Hai Phong tourism is oriented towards sustainable development, becoming one of the national tourist attractions, imbued with bold identity and land. Hai Phong people.

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Hai Phong has a lot of potential to attract tourists

Before the Covid-19 epidemic (in 2019), Hai Phong served more than 9 million tourists. However, according to Mr. Phuc, besides remarkable results, even before the epidemic, Hai Phong tourism still has many limitations. The speed of tourism infrastructure development has not met the needs of visitors, the tourism environment problem has not been completely resolved, especially at the peak of domestic tourists. Overcrowding of destinations has caused frustration for tourists.

In addition, auxiliary services, entertainment services, commercial centers, world-class shopping areas, exhibition areas, conferences… are still lacking, not meeting the conditions for organizing events. major international event. Although there is a lot of tourism potential, the number of international tourists to Hai Phong is limited, only reaching nearly 1 million international tourists (accounting for 1/18 of the number of international tourists to Vietnam) in 2019. .

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuong Huyen, Director of Hai Phong Department of Tourism, also admitted that compared to the advantages, potential and requirements set forth for development goals, Hai Phong tourism still has many limitations compared to other tourist centers. major tourism of the country. Currently, Hai Phong has no direct mechanisms and policies to attract investment resources and support tourism development. This is the core cause of the shortage of investment resources, creating a breakthrough for Hai Phong tourism.

In addition, there is no high-class entertainment area capable of attracting and attracting tourists. This shortage is the basic cause of reducing the attractiveness and attractiveness of Hai Phong tourism in its comparative advantage with other localities with the same potential but with in-depth investment, specific products, asserting the brand name as Quang Ninh has Ha Long Marina entertainment complex, Sun World Halong Complex; Ninh Binh has Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex; Da Nang has Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Promote promotion, brand positioning

To attract visitors, Mr. Nguyen Le Phuc suggested Hai Phong tourism industry develop tourism products in the direction of diversification, exploiting advantages and potentials of the city, connecting with associated provinces/cities, creating develop groups of tourism products to serve many different types of customers. Exploiting the connection between Hai Phong’s tourist attractions with the central provinces and especially connecting with Hanoi, Quang Ninh and other localities to create a safe tourist corridor to prolong the stay. of tourists and form a package tour.

Developing beach resort tourism, MICE tourism, golf tourism, community tourism – agro-ecology, cultural tourism – history, culture, art and cuisine on the basis of linking travel businesses. airlines, hotels, transportation and attractions; interested in developing a number of new economic models in the field of tourism such as sharing economy, night tourism economy…

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The beauty of Cat Ba is always attractive to tourists

To further develop Cat Ba tourism, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Cat Hai district (Hai Phong), emphasized to promote the promotion and promotion of this famous destination. Cat Hai will continue to actively participate in national and international tourism fairs, tourism conferences and seminars in major provinces and cities at home and abroad to promote and introduce destinations and products. Unique tourism of Cat Ba. This locality also focuses on the domestic market segment, especially in the early spring (festival season), public holidays, Tet and summer. Especially towards the domestic market of the southern provinces.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh added about expanding cooperation to attract tourists from markets with direct flights to Hai Phong. The markets of Northeast Asia, Australia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the market of tourists who are experts living and working in Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese returning home to visit relatives. In addition, strengthening links, cooperation for development and improving connectivity between Cat Ba and Ha Long, and other tourist destinations across the country, in which, focus on connecting routes and attractions. between Ha Long Bay and the bays of Cat Ba archipelago after Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba archipelago was recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage.

To seize the golden opportunity to make a breakthrough, Mr. Ho Quoc Cuong, Head of Transportation Department, Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, proposed the authorities, policy makers to develop tourism in Hai Phong in particular and localities. the Northeast region, the Red River Delta need to sit together to develop a synchronous tourism plan and program.

Accordingly, it will connect localities, taking Hai Phong as the nucleus, to diversify tourism products, expand tourism experiences to increase the length of stay of passengers. This unit also suggested that Hai Phong propose the Government to pilot the application of visa exemption for foreign passengers on direct international flights to Cat Bi airport and plan to stay in Hai Phong city for the evening. 2 nights minimum. In addition, coordinate with the National Administration of Tourism to strengthen the promotion of Hai Phong tourism through digital platforms and information channels in the world.

Mr. Truong Tran Ngoc Hung, Deputy Head of Marketing and Sales Department of Vietnam Airlines, expressed that Hai Phong needs to step up marketing and promotion of tourism products. “We are looking forward to and ready to accompany the Hai Phong Department of Tourism, travel companies and businesses in Hai Phong to organize activities to introduce to international tourists about tourism products. Hai Phong’s history, culinary potential, people … ” – Mr. Hung said.

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Director of the Institute for Tourism Development Research, affirmed that in order for Hai Phong to become a major tourist destination, the city must actively renew its thinking on tourism development and make bold decisions. create a foundation for breakthrough tourism. Hai Phong needs a special incentive mechanism, in line with the provisions of the law and the actual conditions of Hai Phong to attract all resources for tourism development investment, especially attracting investment for projects. large-scale, high-class, high-quality tourism to create a foundation for building and affirming Hai Phong tourism brand.

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