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Hari Won is the best, Kha Ngan made a mistake, so it was a bit “fail”

No need to cut the hair short, just let the bangs, the appearance of the sisters has had a breakthrough. Most Vietnamese beauties have long bangs but sometimes, they will change their style with sparse bangs, bangs flying Korean or flat roof. However, does everyone “upgrade” their beauty when wearing bangs? Take a look at the pictures of 5 female stars below, you will have the answer. Besides, the girls can also gain quite a bit of experience, to apply for the upcoming “tile island”.

Hari Won

Hari Won deserves to be the “boss” of Vbiz’s bangs. She has been attached to bangs for a long time, and has also experienced many different versions.

The sparse bangs are very suitable for Hari Won’s sweet and beautiful appearance, helping her beauty, which is already younger than her age, even more “reverse aging”. A few times, Hari Won switched to letting her bangs fly. This bangs makes Hari Won’s appearance more salty, seductive, and thoroughly enhances the beautiful facial features. However, if talking about the bangs that suit Hari Won the most, the answer can only be sparse bangs.

Hoa Minzy

Hoa Minzy also many times F5 looks with bangs. This choice transforms the look of a mother of one child more youthful, sweet and fresh. However, thin bangs are still not the perfect hairstyle for Hoa Minzy. Because the female singer has a rather small and thin face, bangs will make her visual look darker. Hair without bangs, on the other hand, helps bring brightness to the appearance, and does not make the contours of Hoa Minzy’s face sink.

Kha Ngan

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After a period of storming with the style Short Hair Curly, Kha Ngan created a makeover by cutting her bangs. Immediately, she received many compliments for her beautiful beauty. The thin bangs also bring youthfulness to Kha Ngan’s visuals. However, her hair is quite thin, so her beauty is not sublimated to the fullest extent. If Kha Ngan pays attention to creating volume for her hair, her face will be more soft, elegant and her visual will definitely reach the top.

Minh Hang

Before storming with layered curly hair and flying bangs, Minh Hang’s image was once associated with light brown hair and sparse bangs. Although it can’t be as luxurious as the current hairstyle, it must be recognized that Minh Hang with thin bangs is also very pretty. Her appearance exudes a sweet and youthful look when paired with trendy bangs. Along with that, the liberal and dynamic style has helped Minh Hang look much younger than her age.

Nha Phuong

Nha Phuong tried many times with bangs, but was not always successful. The most stable is the image of Nha Phuong wearing white clothes, neatly tying her hair and leaving her bangs sparse. At this time, Nha Phuong looks very young and radiant. However, if we put the image of Nha Phuong when wearing bangs, next to the moments when her long hair parted, we will see a clear difference. Without bangs, Nha Phuong looks more luxurious and seductive. Therefore, she should still stick with this hairstyle.

Photo: Instagram of the characters

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