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H’Hen Niê’s unexpected reaction to the hot scene in her first 18+ movie

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 10:51 AM (GMT+7)

Hau 9X’s sharing about her role in the new movie attracted the attention of fans.

Not only is it one of the action movies with a “huge” budget investment, “578: Bullet of the Madman” also attracts the attention of the audience as the first movie project of Miss H’ Hen Nie. Notably, “578: Shot of a madman” is labeled 18+ (the film contains violent or sexual scenes, horror and language for people over 18 years old) making many netizens curious.

Recently, on her personal page, Miss 9X answered fans’ questions and revealed many things about the role of Bao Vy. Accordingly, about the age-restricted film, H’Hen Niê shared her sympathy and felt sorry that young fans could not watch the movie. Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 invites viewers on another occasion. At the same time, she also revealed that the reason the movie was labeled 18+ was because “The scene of violence, the rescue is quite heavy“.

H'Hen Niê's unexpected reaction to the hot scene in the first 18+ movie - 1

H’Hen Niê got her first lead role in a movie labeled 18+

Specifically, the beauty of Dak Lak countryside posted a screenshot shared by the director to let everyone better understand. “The mentality of the director when making a movie is, of course, always wanting his film to be accessible to everyone. However, I also determined that an action movie with this violent and brutal nature would be labeled as inevitable.“, director Luong Dinh Dung shared.

Notably, when asked about whether or not to play a hot scene in the movie, H’Hen Niê only shared a smiley emoji, attached with an image of the male lead Hung (played by actor Alexandre Nguyen) playing the tape. bundle resting on a chair.

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H’Hen Niê reacts strangely when answering about hot scenes in the movie

At the same time, H’Hen Niê revealed that she was also injured a lot while filming action scenes. “Shoots in the rain, the temperature is below 10 degrees, the wind, from 6pm to 6am continuously for many days. After returning home, I am obsessed with showers and cold water“, shared 9X actor. However, she confirmed to fans, bruised limbs are possible, but severe injuries are not.

Talking about being “Miss National” and encroaching on acting, H’Hen Niê revealed that the reason was because of her hobby. She likes to be transformed into a different person, more interesting and new. In an interview with us, director Luong Dinh Dung shared:H’Hen Niê fulfilled my request with the film. If I didn’t restrain her or make her stop, H’Hen Niê would have participated in all her action scenes, including the dangerous scenes. If anyone touches her on the street now, even men can get beaten up because H’Hen Niê spent nearly a year practicing martial arts to participate in the movie. So she did a great job with her role“.

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