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Horrified with the dirty room of 2 Hanoi schoolgirls

“Dirty students” is a topic that is no longer strange to netizens when every now and then there are articles that expose rooms that are like garbage dumps on social networks. Mainly this story usually occurs between the landlord and the tenant. Criticism, criticism, even criticism, but it seems that the situation of “living on garbage” has not been improved much.

Recently, netizens were shocked because the scene of a motel room in the area of ​​Doan Ke Thien, Cau Giay (Hanoi) was no different from an untreated garbage dump. The image makes anyone who looks at it shudder because they don’t know who the owner of the inn is, who can live in such a messy environment.

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The room was filled with trash.

According to sharing on MXH, the room is rented to two lovely female students for a long time, so the innkeeper quite trusts the two girls. Until the two girls moved out, the new owner went into the room to check and discovered the unexpected truth.

According to what the photo posted, the furniture in the house was unbelievably messy, everything was scattered on the floor from clothes, shoes, bags to garbage. The floor is filled with bottles, cake shells, paper boxes of fast food meals.

On the bed, the blankets, pillows and clothes were not folded together, not to mention everything that was dusty to dark brown looked extremely itchy.

Looking at the kitchen is even more terrifying when the dishes are not washed neatly but thrown in a corner. Although the house is full of broom and mop tools, there is still mud on the ground. This image makes anyone who looks at it shudder because they do not understand who the owner of the room is to live in such a messy environment.

  - Photo 2.

Garbage is everywhere from the kitchen…

  - Photo 3.

To bed…

It is noteworthy that being in the toilet is so dirty that many people can’t help but feel nauseous when looking at it. The floor was littered with dirty clothes, piled up with no entrance, littered with pieces of paper, used cosmetic bottles and bottles. The toilet was filled with the residue of certain dirt, the sewage splashed around. Do not understand when living, will the two female students feel scary with their dirty level?

  - Photo 4.
  - Photo 5.

The new toilet is the scariest thing.

The article has received a large number of shares from netizens. Most of them were bored with the consciousness of these two girls. Being in such a moldy room will definitely be affected to some extent, both psychologically and physically, yet the female student can still live leisurely. Not to mention, when moving, he carelessly piled up a bunch of “gifted” garbage to the owner.

Many people also voiced their opinions on the student’s life attitude. It is true that you lose money to rent, but please know how to take care of the room for the landlord. They also have to take the effort to repair and clean to have a clean room. If you stay dirty, no matter how much money you rent, no landlord will dare let you stay.

Some comments below the article:

TV friend said: “It’s okay to be a little messy at home. But you should also clean it up. If you stay dirty like this for a long time, you can also get sick from bacteria.”

KT friend shared: “I’m proud of you, but I’m telling the truth, I used to work as a rental house, most (but not all) of the hot girls are really dirty. All the food was ordered and didn’t throw away, finished playing. then condoms, smiley balls, food … are thrown around. I’m too tired to clean up, so a few days will gradually look like in the picture as the owner shared.”

This is also a lesson for landlords. The contract should be made carefully, including a clause related to cleaning the room after leaving to avoid having people who lack awareness when renting the accommodation again.

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