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How are foreign children taught first aid skills?

In the US, students learn first aid from high school; In the UK, this skill is included in the primary school curriculum.

First aid is the first aid activity for people who have an accident, injury or acute illness before professional medical intervention is available. The application of first aid properly helps to reduce the risk of death, support treatment and limit permanent disability… Many countries around the world are aware of the importance of this activity and implement education in this field. school very early.

According to St John Ambulance – A first aid nonprofit that operates in many countries, says CPR training for schoolchildren started in Norway in the 1960s. Since then, several other countries have developed Teaching children compulsory first aid and CPR, including Canada, UK, USA and many other European countries.

Ms. Hong practiced chest compressions and first aid on a rubber man model during the 2019 training session organized by the school district in Georgia, USA.  Photo: Character provided

Practice chest compressions and first aid on a rubber man model during a 2019 training session organized by a school district in the state of Georgia, USA. Image: Characters provided

Education Master Dinh Thu Hong, primary school teacher in Gwinnett School District (Georgia) said that students from high school in the US learn about first aid and practice on human models in health education. Teachers here are also required to have a certificate in first aid. In Ms. Hong’s school district, at the beginning of the year, teachers receive a three-hour training session, covering theory and practice, skills such as CPR, resuscitation (Heimlich), how to hemostasis…

“In about 10 years of teaching, I have never had to use the skills learned but still need to know, in case something happens in the school yard, playground or in the dining room, we know how to help students.” Ms. Hong said.

Also including first aid into the program, the British Department of Education said that from September 2020, all public schools in the country are required to teach first aid as part of health education for children. BBC Education Secretary Gavin Williamson at the time said the new health curriculum would give every child “the opportunity to learn life-saving skills”.

Accordingly, primary school students in the UK are taught how to clearly and effectively contact emergency services if needed, the concepts of first aid. Middle school students learn basic treatment for common injuries and illnesses; lifesaving skills, including how to perform CPR; operation of certain types of devices such as defibrillators…

The decision to add first aid to the curriculum was made in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing in Manchester, May 2017. This incident shows that people tried to help victims but most lacked the necessary skills.

In Australia, first aid training is not compulsory in schools. However, 97% of young people believe that first aid education will improve their confidence, skills and readiness to act in a crisis, according to The South Sydney Herald.

A study conducted by the Australian Red Cross found that 88% of people here believe that first aid training should be compulsory for all secondary school students. Wendy Greenhalf, head of first aid and mental health training at the Australian Red Cross, said: “We find that in the school yard, on the sports field, at home or out with friends, young people are often are first responders in emergency situations. We want them to be first aid champions, ready to support and help when there is an emergency.”

Many organizations provide training and first aid services in schools, such as St John Ambulance Australia which have free basic first aid courses for students in all states and territories in Australia.

“You never know when your first aid skills might help a friend, teammate, colleague or loved one in an emergency,” Greenhalf said.


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