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How to grow and care for strawberries on the terrace

Ms. Duong Thu Huong (30 years old, in Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc) has more than four years of experience growing strawberries on the terrace and shares the secret to conquering this plant.

Substrate (land for planting)

Request: Strawberry growing soil should be porous, well-drained, and full of nutrients.

Ingredient: Meat soil; manure (cow dung, rotting chicken, vermicompost, microorganisms…); treated coco peat; husk, in the ratio 4-1-4-1.

Soil is unmixed soil, fertilizer does not use pellets. Mix in the right proportions because strawberry Need very little fertilizer, if too much plant will shock, die.

Ms. Huong watered strawberries on the terrace.  Photo: Duong Thu Huong

Ms. Huong watered strawberries on the terrace. Image: Duong Thu Huong

How to grow

Plant the tree so that the medium only covers the base, not the top of the tree.

After planting, place the plant outside in direct sunlight for photosynthesis.

How to take care:

The amount of water to irrigate each day depends on the temperature and weather where the plant is grown. Hot areas should be watered 1-2 times a day, cool weather can be watered every other day.

Monitor the soil in the pot to know when the plant needs watering. Dry, low-humidity soil is a sign that the plant needs additional water.

Should be watered early in the morning or in the evening, not in the evening because it is easy for fungal diseases.

Fertilizers can be used to periodically apply: fish protein, banana juice, NPK…

Strawberry terrace to harvest day.  Photo: Duong Thu Huong

Strawberry terrace to harvest day. Image: Duong Thu Huong

Note: Fertilizer needs to be diluted, heavy fertilization can cause fertilizer shock, plant death, especially with NPK fertilizers.

Common diseases of strawberry plants: Hemorrhoids, spider mites, powdery mildew, leaf fungus, root fungus…

Should look for specific drug lines with brands, biological lines to be safest for users.

Read the label to recognize the toxicity of the drug, choose accordingly.

Some special drugs: treatment of hemorrhoids is Radiant, white powder is Aviso, fungus is Ridomil, Amitastop.

Duong Thu Huong

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