How to see the vaccine passport on the phone, check if you have it

To know if you have been issued a vaccine passport or not, you can look on one of two applications, PC-Covid and Electronic Health Book.

Currently, the issuance of vaccine passports to people has been widely implemented. To view vaccine passports on smartphones, people can use the PC-Covid application or the Electronic Health Book.

Note, you must use the most up-to-date versions of these apps to view the Vaccine Passport section.

With PC-Covid, to see if they have been granted a vaccine passport, people go to the Menu item and select the Vaccine passport section. If you have one, the vaccine passport will be displayed with information including Full name, date of birth, nationality with QR code and passport’s expiration date, ie 12 months from the date of issue.

On the PC-Covid application, additional information will include the time, location, type of vaccine injected… iPhone users can scan this QR code so that all vaccination information on it is synchronized with the Health application. phone health.

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Those who do not have a vaccine passport may not be able to issue it because it is not their turn to be issued or because the information about the injection is incorrect.

The process of issuing vaccine passports to people currently has 3 steps:

– Step 1: The vaccination facility reviews, verifies and authenticates information on the vaccination management platform.

– Step 2: The above data is digitally confirmed by the vaccination facility. Depending on the actual situation, localities can assign information to one of the agencies, namely the Department of Health, the Provincial Center for Disease Control or the vaccination facility.

– Step 3: Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health is responsible for approving people with digital signature at the end of the day.

Nguyen Ba Hung, Deputy Director of the Health Data Center, Information Technology Department, Ministry of Health, said that the issuance of vaccine passports is done according to a rolling process to all people who have been vaccinated with at least one vaccine. nose. As of April 15, about 500,000 people have been granted this passport.

On April 4, the Ministry of Public Security informed that there are 41 million injections that have not been updated or lack basic information.

People who need to issue a vaccine passport soon or want to report missing or incorrect information can access the Immunization Portal. Covid-19 at the address tiemchungcovid19.gov.vn then select the Reflect function. In addition, people can also contact the hotline 1900 9095 to reflect information.

Currently, Vietnam has reached an agreement on mutual recognition of vaccine passports with 19 countries, including: Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Belarus, Cambodia, the Philippines, Palestine, Maldives, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka. Lanka, Egypt, Turkey, Singapore, Saint Lucia, Korea, Iran and Malaysia.

Holders of vaccine passports recognized by Vietnam and other countries are entitled to apply the same medical measures as those who have been vaccinated in the host country.

Vaccine passports are used to prove an individual’s vaccination history and time of recovery. Note, this certificate is not valid as a substitute for other import and export documents such as passports, visas, travel documents, visa exemption papers, temporary residence cards, permanent residence cards…

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