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I probably won’t be able to go back to work.”

At the sequel to the show Afternoon Tea with Auntie this week, the actor Lam Vy Da talked about her return to the stage.

I am very grateful to Mr. Truong Giang

Getting married at the age of 19, I was determined to trade off my career. At that time, I was more family-oriented, so I decided to get married. When I got married, I determined that I would stay at home to raise children, wholeheartedly take care of my family, not thinking about going back to work.

I told Nam Thu: I can't return to my job - Photo 1.

Nam Thu and Lam Vy Da

When I gave birth to my second child, I confided to Nam Thu that: “Thu, I guess I can’t return to my job. This job is very difficult for women who have given birth to children like me to return. too many things to dominate”.

To return to the profession, I struggled, extremely difficult. I am very grateful to Mr. Truong Giang.

When I gave birth to my first child three months ago, I took him back to work. At that time, none of my colleagues had children, so when I went on stage to perform, I asked everyone to pass hands on to hold the child below.

Mr. Quach Ngoc Tuyen, Nam Thu, Mr. Truong Giang kept handing each other to hold my child. My child was like a common child of the whole stage, Truong Giang held him for 5 10 minutes, then it was Nam Thu’s turn.

While I was acting, my baby squealed, I had to run back inside to breastfeed, after sucking, I went back to acting. Everyone had to carry my baby away so that I wouldn’t be distracted and forget my lines.

That period was really difficult and hard. Everyone feels my hard work.

I told Nam Thu: I can't return to my job - Photo 3.

Truong Giang just dragged me along with him

I also competed at the National Theater Festival and won a silver medal. I received many stage roles, all the main roles, often paired with Mr. Hoai Linh.

Just when work was improving a bit, I was pregnant with the second child. At that time, I thought it was over, my professional life was over.

After giving birth to the second child, I just stayed at home, thinking that I could never return to my job.

Truong Giang is the brother who has been with me since I was in the Theater School. Later, Truong Giang’s job was better, and he had a place in the profession, then I regretted it.

Seeing me like that, Truong Giang dragged me along with him, had to return to his job, had to go to work to have money to support his children. Dat went to work alone to raise two children and was really struggling.

I told Nam Thu: I can't return to my job - Photo 4.

Because of the difficult economic situation, Hua Minh Dat and I had many conflicts. The economy is not stable so both are under pressure. That’s why I listened to Mr. Truong Giang and decided to go back to work to have money to support his children. If the economy is resolved, conflicts will also be reduced.

Whenever there is a conflict, my wife and I often try to reduce our ego. In general, we have to do a lot for our children.

I don’t want my husband to work so hard to make money, so I rush out to make money, go to acting, go to gameshow. At that time, I went to work only thinking to make money to buy milk for my children, never thought I would be famous.

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