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Identify Quang Hai’s new club at the top of the Austrian national championship

According to sources of Youththe new club of midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai will compete in Europe in the 2022-2023 season in the Austrian league, but not Lask club as some sources.

Show new club of Quang Hai will join the team is still in the process of negotiating the final terms with the player’s agent, before he signs the contract.

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Quang Hai officially bid farewell to Hanoi Club from April 12

Minh Hoang

It is known that the contract Quang Hai signed with the new club has a term of 2-3 seasons, with an undisclosed (but very high) salary. In the Austrian tournament season 2021 – 2022, there is a table of teams competing for the championship and places to attend the European Cup, and a table of teams competing for relegation.

Austrian Championship There are 5 rounds left to finish. Therefore, when the season ends next May, Quang Hai will begin to complete the procedures to join the new club. At the new stop, Quang Hai is still wearing the familiar number 19 shirt.

Most likely, the Austrian national championship season 2022 – 2023 will be purchased by a domestic television unit to serve Quang Hai. Currently, a large company will become Hai’s partner when he plays abroad. The club that Hai is about to join is currently in the top and not Lask Club as current information.

Notably, it could be Sturm Graz Club currently ranked 2nd in the group competing for the Austrian championship, will have a place in the 2nd qualifying round of the tournament Champions League. Historically, this club has won the Austrian league 3 times, won 5 National Cups, 3 Austrian Super Cups, 3 times participated in the Champions League group stage in the seasons 1998 – 1999, 1999 – 2000 and 2000 – 2001, and 11 times to attend the UEFA Cup (the predecessor of the Europa League today).

In recent seasons, Sturm Graz Club has also regularly competed in the Champions League qualifiers and participated in the Europa League group stage. In the ongoing football season, this Austrian team soon broke up in the group stage.

Currently, Hai is resting with relatives and friends and actively learning English to increase his foreign language communication ability when he arrives at a new destination.

Quang Hai emphasized that his willingness to go abroad to compete has also been considered a success of his career and regardless of the outcome, it is also a valuable experience in life. Many experts Soccer According to him, Austria is a suitable country for Hai because the country’s football is not as stressful and fierce as many other European tournaments, so it will help Quang Hai adapt faster.

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