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I’m different

Many people say I’m weird because I always go against the majority, tell me that many people do that, why don’t I follow but like to do the opposite?

Weird! Why should I act like everyone else? My life, I live the way I want, live a life without regrets, peace, freedom and useful life.

1: Give away. I like to give more than receive, feel happy and happy when helping others, when I can contribute my little effort for the benefit of others. I am willing to work overtime without pay for the benefit of the company. I don’t mind hard work or hard work, as long as the person I trust and love speaks up, I’m ready, not afraid of the long distance or the weather, and will come right away. I don’t care what others say, I choose my own way and have fun.

I minimize living space from clothes, thinking to relationships. Clothes that are not used for about three months, if they are new, I will give them to people who need them, if they are old, I will send them to animal shelters. I only keep enough to wear, a couple of sets for going out and a few for work. I do not like to make friends, only one close friend, a friend who understands me, is ready to listen to everything I have to share, two or three close sisters, due to a period of time we lived together, we still keep contact. The minimalist lifestyle helps me feel that life is much lighter.

>> My wife has a different lifestyle

2: Savings. What I mean here is to save electricity, water and resources, not money. I pay special attention to the environment, do not use plastic when shopping, always have a cloth bag with me. I sort my trash, anything that can be recycled I keep separate. I’ve seen janitors or schoolgirls digging through trash to find bottles, beer cans mixed in the trash. For a lot of people, it’s trash, for them it’s something that can make money. Why don’t we classify them to help them reduce their burden and also make a small contribution to environmental protection.

I don’t put too much emphasis on getting married and having children even though I’m 27 years old. Husband or children for me are all predestined, cannot be forced. I think it’s okay to be single like that, but it’s okay to get married without having children. If I have children, the children will come after my husband, the new husband will live with me for the rest of my life, and when the children reach adulthood, they will have their own lives. I will not live with them and do not need them to take care of me. As long as they live their lives well, live usefully, that’s what I’m happiest about.

In my dictionary there is no concept of parents-in-law or parents-in-law. If I get married, I will have more parents and so will my husband. I will look after and care for both sides of the family equally, without distinction; I will not keep my husband’s money, both will have a common contribution to take care of the family, money for personal expenses or savings will be kept by each other.

Everyone said that they should get married close to each other, if they had children or had problems, their biological parents would help. I’m not. In my mind, I have never thought of getting married soon, nor have I ever thought of letting my grandparents take care of my children. Grandparents worked hard to raise themselves, now it’s time to have children and bother them, I can’t do it. In addition, two different generations, different ideas and ways of raising children, I do not want anyone to interfere in my small family, including grandparents or grandparents.

>> Living differently should not be popular with everyone

3: Settle in and settle down. I don’t have that concept at this age. I love to travel, experience and explore new lands. So I never thought of buying land to build a house and live in a permanent place. I’ll do it when I’m old, not now or ten years from now.

I have a big ego, I will defend my point of view to the end, but I don’t like arguing or arguing. If I meet someone with a different point of view, I will stop the conversation. Everyone has different ideologies and views, cannot impose their views on others or vice versa. In the event that the two points of view cannot be reconciled, it is best to stop the conversation.

People think that when you die, you must be whole, but I think otherwise. How good it would be if unfortunately I could die and still be able to help other lives, so I signed up to donate organs. I went to donate blood many times, even though I was small. I have type O blood, a specialized donor, one blood unit can save three people, I am happy to help someone, I like the feeling of being contributed.

The above are some of my views, though not all. So do you guys think I’m weird like many people say?


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