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iPhone users ‘surf’ faster than Samsung, Oppo?

Ookla – a company specializing in providing and evaluating the quality of data services has just published its latest report on the first quarter of 2022.

In addition to the comments about Internet speed of Vietnamese carriers, in its report, Ookla also provides an analysis of some phone models with the fastest Internet connection speed today.

Specifically, all 5 phone models with the fastest average download internet speed cited by Ookla are Apple brand. Including 3 models of the iPhone 13 series and 2 models of the iPhone 12 series.

iPhone users 'surf' faster than Samsung, Oppo?  - first

Models of the iPhone 13 series took all 3 leading positions in terms of average Internet access speed in the first quarter of 2022.

According to Ookla, iPhone 13 Pro is currently the fastest Internet access phone model among mobile devices in Vietnam with an average download speed of 70.91 Mbps.

Ranked in the next positions are iPhone 13 Pro Max (average download speed 68.07 Mbps), iPhone 13 (67.44 Mbps), iPhone 12 Pro 5G (62.39 Mbps) and iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G (61.97 Mbps).

Ooka’s statistics also show that Apple’s phone models in Vietnam have an average download speed of 39.43 Mbps. Xiaomi is the phone brand with the second average download speed with 36.51 Mbps.

Meanwhile, Samsung (average download speed of 36.36 Mbps) and Oppo (30.06 Mbps) are the phone brands ranked 3rd and 4th in terms of downlink Internet speeds.

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Vietnam smartphone market share in 2021. Figure: IDC

According to the latest report from the research company market IDC, in the fourth quarter of 2021, Samsung is currently the leading phone manufacturer in Vietnam market with 28.7% market share. One of the reasons contributing to Samsung’s sales success comes from the strong growth of low-cost smartphone devices.

In second place in terms of mobile market share in Vietnam is Oppo with 17.3% market share. Vivo ranked in third place with 16.1% market share in Vietnam. The next positions belong to Apple and Xiaomi, respectively (with 10.6% market share).

In the last months of 2021, the purchase of new mobile devices by Vietnamese users increases when demand is pent-up due to the impact of the epidemic. This has helped retailers and mobile device manufacturers recover sales after an extended period of time.

Currently, 4G smartphones are the main growth driver when the import restriction for mobile devices that only support 2G and 3G networks comes into effect from July 1, 2021.

iPhone users 'surf' faster than Samsung, Oppo?  - 3

Currently, Apple only accounts for about 10.6% of the mobile market share in Vietnam.

Experts at IDC have predicted that the growth rate of Vietnam’s mobile market will be the highest in ASEAN in 2022. The reason is due to the rapid increase in demand for smartphones, in addition to the transition from 2G/3G phones to models that support 4G/5G networks.

Compared with other countries in the ASEAN region, Vietnam’s mobile market is considered to be quite different. The reason is that the domestic mobile market is currently dominated by large mobile retail chains.

In addition to outstanding customer service, large mobile retailers in Vietnam often gain a competitive advantage by partnering with mobile manufacturers to launch exclusive shopping programs. This is a barrier preventing competition from small distribution units.

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