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Many families believe in the international boarding school model in Vietnam

COVID-19 poses a challenge to many families who wish to integrate their children into studying abroad and boarding school from high school. Distance, difficult displacement, not optimal in terms of costs because children go abroad but still study online… have made many well-off families in Vietnam reconsider the problem of studying abroad, including boarding school right at home. Vietnam.

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Boarding education is the most considered option in recent years. (Photo: TH School)

Mr. Nguyen Van Dang (Tay Ho, Hanoi), welcomes his son back home from mid-2021. He said that the number of modern boarding schools and teaching international programs in Hanoi is not much (most of them are the school system). semi-boarding). He still wishes to send his child to a boarding school, where he will be trained in independent living skills, in a multicultural environment managed with international teachers. Boarding from high school will make it much easier for your child to go to university.

According to Ms. Mai Thi Le Quyen, Director Admissions The TH School system, an environment for students to learn many life lessons, provides them with an educational foundation of knowledge and good character. Boarding schools not only give students a solid foundation of knowledge, but also give them the tools and skills they really need to enter life.

The ability to be independent, to take responsibility for one’s life, to adapt and catch up with life in a new environment… that is the precious thing that a boarding school can bring to students. That is also the reason why many families spend “billions of dollars” for their children to study in Australia, the UK, and the US.

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Recently, the office of TH School has received many questions and answers about the school’s Hoa Lac boarding facility from Vietnamese people and the expat community in Hanoi and neighboring provinces. Working in the field of international education for nearly 20 years, Quyen said that it is a positive sign that parents increasingly believe in the international education model and modern facilities in Vietnam. South, especially educational units belonging to prestigious corporations.

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TH School aims to provide a comprehensive education with international study program and high quality boarding life for students to attend.

Vietnamese families not only set the goal that their children can fully enjoy a modern boarding school environment, but also have to ensure international study programs such as A level – British Baccalaureate. TH School’s admissions representative said that this is a golden time for international schools in Vietnam to affirm their quality and convince high-class customers right in their homeland.

In order to meet the needs of visiting and experiencing the boarding model of TH School Hoa Lac, the school will organize an “open” event for families this weekend. TH School is located in a spacious campus of nearly 25,000m2 with airy and fresh air, only 30 minutes drive from the national convention center on Lang – Hoa Lac highway. For those who have not had the opportunity to interact with modern boarding schools, TH School is likened to “a fairy-tale school”.

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The green campus is 25,000m2 wide at TH School Hoa Lac.

The event will help parents and students experience interesting, creative STEM activities, sports competitions and extremely “quality” meals of boarding students. In particular, when attending the event, students have the opportunity to receive a SCHOLARSHIP up to 100% of tuition fees.

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