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Meey Land received Sao Khue Award 2022

According to the Official Announcement from the Organizing Committee of Sao Khue Awards, the Real Estate Portal 4.0 product developed by Joint Stock Company Meey Land Corporation research and development has excellently won the award at Sao Khue 2022.

Sao Khue Award is a noble award recognized by the Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association (VINASA) for the most typical products and services of the software industry and technology services. Vietnam information.

Attending Sao Khue Award 2022, Real Estate Portal 4.0 of Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company has excellently passed many evaluation rounds of the Jury and voted by experts, officially winning the award. Sao Khue 2022 for the category “New Software Products and Solutions”. The ceremony to announce and award Sao Khue 2022 will be held on April 23, 2022 in Hanoi.

Meey Land received the Sao Khue Award 2022 - Photo 1.

Mr. Hoang Mai Chung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company shared his pride with Meey Land’s victory at Sao Khue 2022.

Sharing about this impressive achievement, businessman Hoang Mai Chung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company said: “Winning at Sao Khue 2022 continues to affirm Meey Land’s pioneering position in the field. Technology – Real Estate I and my team of associates are extremely proud that Meey Land’s efforts, hard work, and different direction have been recognized and deservedly. We will continue to strive. non-stop trying to help solve difficult problems in digitizing real estate, increasing liquidity, exploiting maximum utility for Vietnamese real estate, thereby creating a lot of value for society, contributing to affirming Vietnamese wisdom and Vietnamese brand with “made in Vietnam” technology products and services.”

Real Estate Portal 4.0 researched and developed by Meey Land is known as an in-depth real estate search engine built on 4.0 technology platform. The product is developed in both versions: Website https://meeyland.com/ and App Meey Land (Meey Land application on mobile phones).

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Meey Land constantly improves Website meeyland.com and App Meey Land to bring more utilities and optimal experience for users.

In particular, Website meeyland.com and App Meey Land bring features such as: Posting real estate transactions and automatically pushing news; Chat online with the poster; Manage postings and transactions easily; Business accounts help manage and divide budgets for employees… Besides, thanks to the application of AI and Big Data Technology, Website meeyland.com and App Meey Land also own smart filter fields, allowing at the same time. Filter a lot of information, compare property prices and evaluate real estate. These are also the advantages and differences of Real Estate Portal 4.0 “made by Meey Land” compared to other products in the same segment.

Website meeyland.com was launched in 2019 and has always been perfected and improved by Meey Land through each Version. According to the latest statistics on visits, meeyland.com currently approaches more than 1 million visits/month, more than 20,000 users/day.

From the success of Website meeyland.com, capturing user trends on mobile platforms, Meey Land launches an App version of Meey Land. App Meey Land is being researched by the Company and added many advanced features. The product is expected to help Meey Land position itself as a specialized and pioneering brand in the field of technology for real estate in Vietnam. The App Meey Land version is also considered as a strategic product of the Company to go long way when the smartphone era has been and is having global coverage. Only in the first 3 months of 2021, the number of downloads of App Meey Land on Google Play reached more than 30,000 and is increasing.

With preeminent features, friendly interface, easy to use and always user-oriented, Website meeyland.com and App Meey Land are becoming indispensable tools for brokers, investors… real estate sector.

Meey Land received the Sao Khue Award 2022 - Photo 3.

Meey Land received a Letter of Congratulations from the Organizing Committee of Sao Khue Award 2022.

The honor at Sao Khue this year further affirms Meey Land’s position in the software industry and information technology in general, especially in the field of real estate technology in particular. This will be a great source of motivation to help energize a young enterprise like Meey Land on the journey to assert its position in the Vietnamese market and reach out to the world.

Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company was established on August 15, 2019. Since its establishment, Meey Land has always been consistent with the strategy of building an Ecosystem of 26 specialized digital transformation products for the real estate industry.

The Meey Land Real Estate Technology ecosystem is considered one of the great strides of the Vietnamese real estate market when successfully and effectively applying current advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data, Blockchain.

Currently, Meey Land has put into operation 05 products/applications and are highly appreciated in the market. In the future, Meey Land aims to perfect, add new and optimize products, accelerate the creative process and contribute to solving the dilemmas of the Vietnamese real estate market.

Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company

Address: 5th floor, Building 97 – 99 Lang Ha, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District, City. Hanoi

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0249 999 2999 VND

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