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Meghan Markle makes an irreparable blunder with a shameful detail

On April 19, the British Embassy in the Netherlands shared a new series of photos of Meghan Markle when she attended an event here. It is known that this activity is the duchess’s private trip when she and her husband went to the Netherlands to attend the Olympics.

The British Embassy’s official Twitter account posted four photos showing Meghan playing and chatting with children. The Duchess, dressed in an elegant business suit, sat between the children and the guests. However, many netizens have noticed that Meghan has made an unfortunate mistake in a photo.


Meghan spent time playing with the children.

Specifically, a picture shared by the British Embassy shows Meghan intently drawing the flag of Ukraine to share the pain of war that this country is going through. However, the royal bride painted the wrong color of the country’s flag. Ukraine’s flag is blue above, yellow below, however, Meghan has painted in reverse.

While Meghan has tried to show her support for Ukraine, the duchess’s coloring of the flag has become a detail that has been mocked by netizens on Twitter. Many commented that, as a celebrity, having lectured on many big issues, Meghan should have carefully researched what she will do before appearing in public.


Meghan was criticized for miscoloring the Ukrainian flag.

A seemingly small mistake, but it can have serious consequences. The Duchess of Sussex has not yet commented on the news. Meghan arrived in the Netherlands with Harry on April 15 and flew back to the US earlier this week. Although appearing in just a few short days, the royal bride has left a certain mark.

The Duchess of Sussex has built the image of a perfect wife who always supports and accompanies Prince Harry in all activities. Meghan is also very invested and thoughtful in choosing outfits and accessories. The Duke of Sussex is still in the Netherlands to attend a number of other activities here and he will appear at the closing ceremony alone with an important speech.

Recently, Prince Harry appeared in a short interview clip talking about his happy conversation with Queen Elizabeth II The couple was invited by the royal family to attend the Platinum ceremony this coming June but they The final answer has not yet been given. It is known that Meghan returned to the US because she misses her two children very much and she is still working on the podcast products that will officially launch this summer with content around women.

Source: Twitter, Geo TV chn

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