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Minister Nguyen Manh Hung speaks on digital transformation in Cu Chi and Hoc Mon

Dear Comrade Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Politburo member, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,

Dear Comrade Nguyen Van Nen, Politburo member, Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee,

Dear leaders, former leaders of the Party and State,

Dear comrades, members of the Party Central Committee, leaders of central and local departments, ministries, branches,

Dear comrades, leaders of Cu Chi and Hoc Mon districts, leaders of businesses, investors,

Comrades and Friends,

Today, attending this conference, there were the presence of the top leaders of the largest corporations and corporations in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, and digital technology in Vietnam. They are here, under the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications, to join hands in transforming the 2 districts of Cu Chi and Hoc Mon, that is, to contribute to modernizing and intelligentizing the socio-economic aspects of these two localities. , making samples quickly to replicate nationwide. They are here also to pay tribute to the heroic people of this land, the people who went before and after. Without gratitude, no one can go far.

Four enterprises in the digital and communication technology industry, Viettel, VNPT, MobiFone and CMC, have committed to invest in the two districts of Cu Chi and Hoc Mon with an amount of 7,500 billion VND to modernize the digital infrastructure of these two districts, reaching the level of a developed country. In which, the largest is Viettel’s data center project worth 6,000 billion VND. Enterprises Viettel, MobiFone and FPT also committed to support 400 houses of gratitude for 2 districts.

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With a smartphone that is covered, the whole world can enter your home and you can also go out to the world. Opening your home to the world is the fastest and most sustainable development path. The first condition of digital transformation and of the digital economy is that each adult has a smartphone, and each household has a high-speed fiber optic Internet line. 3G/4G waves are widely covered, no concave areas. This target for Cu Chi and Hoc Mon will be basically completed in 2022, by telecommunications businesses.

In the digital environment, the second condition is safe. Government IT systems must be protected, citizens’ Internet devices must be protected.

In the digital environment, each person and organization must have a digital identity, digital payment account, digital signature and digital address. With these conditions, each of us was able to participate in digital transactions with the government, participate in the digital economy and digital society. Every real person becomes a virtual person. This virtual person has a nationwide and global operating space. Larger space always comes with more opportunities, opportunities to sell, opportunities to buy, opportunities to cooperate, opportunities to learn, opportunities to entertain, opportunities to make friends. A virtual person can accurately map to a real person, making transactions in the digital space secure. Digital technology businesses, under the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the district government, will help each Cu Chi and Hoc Mon resident become a virtual person. Becoming a virtual person is having a new living space, every opportunity will be doubled.

The first step is to transform the government of the two districts into a digital environment. 100% of public services go online, the proportion of documents processed online is at least 60%, this is the goal in 2022. And this is the task that the Ministry of Information and Communications will direct.

The government is few people, the society is rich, diverse and widespread. Without a comprehensive and automatic monitoring system, the authorities cannot detect problems early, give early warnings and often detect them slowly, when the case is big and heavy, the loss is big, people cannot save. Building an online monitoring system with automatic early warning is the first manifestation of smart government. To manage comprehensively, widely and regularly, it must be online monitoring.

The information age has a huge problem that is too much information, too much information, no one can remember, broadcast information can become irrelevant. Therefore, the new approach to information is to ask questions when needed. Virtual assistants for citizens and public officials are the perfect solution to this problem. Each person has an intelligent assistant who understands the problems, the productivity and efficiency will be doubled.

Community is about bringing people to the digital environment. The first is that 100% of households have trading activities on e-commerce platforms, especially 2 Vietnamese agricultural product floors, Shell and Postmart. Farmers can sell their products on the electronic floor, directly to consumers across the country, sell more at a higher price and especially put the family brand into the product. This will be a fundamental change in Vietnamese agriculture. The government will set up community digital technology groups to the village and hamlet level, with youth as the core. These community digital technology teams will come to each household to guide installation and use. Vietnamese digital technology enterprises will train community digital technology teams and help local people put people and households on the Vietnamese agricultural product floor, into the digital environment.

People often ask what is CS? But the right question should be: How can the college help with my local problems and problems? The localities that raise their problems should be difficult problems, big problems, which have lasted for many terms but have not been done, or the big dreams of the government. For example, the issue of improving the ethics and quality of civil servants; the issue of publishing land planning in the form of 3D digital maps for people and investors to access; the problem of monitoring land use in accordance with the planning via satellite maps; the issue of narrowing the gap between rural and urban areas; the issue of tourism promotion in the digital environment, the issue of putting heritages in the digital space; the issue of colleges of small, medium and micro enterprises; digital skills training for people; the issue of improving the quality of education, improving the quality of medical examination and treatment; the issue of increasing labor productivity; environmental pollution problems; the problem of hearing the people’s voice, knowing the social mood… Then ask the community how it will help. Over the years, Vietnamese digital enterprises have developed many digital platforms to solve the above problems. The Ministry of Information and Communications will help localities choose the right digital platform to solve their problems. There are digital platforms that can be used right away, some that have to be tailored, and those that have to be developed, but all can be done because these platforms are Make in Vietnam, made by Vietnamese people. owner. Cu Chi and Hoc Mon please state your problem and contact the Ministry of Information and Communications for help.

College is the convergence of science and technology, of the knowledge economy, of innovation, of the 4th industrial revolution. It converges in itself all four strengths of the era. Using it will create breakthrough development, create fast and sustainable development. Never before has humanity had such a large convergence. The biggest advantage of the one-party leadership regime is the ability to mobilize and focus all of the country’s energy on great things. The National College is such a thing. And now is the time!

With the new one, the person behind can go first. Because, accepting the new, the biggest obstacle is the burden of the past. Going later in development, there is not much to lose, less burden of the past and so there is much to win, the most important of which is the ability to accept the new earlier than others, earlier than other places. developed. Leaders of Cu Chi and Hoc Mon have the spirit of innovation and take the lead, with the help of the Ministry of Information and Communications and of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises, the college career will certainly succeed, will be faster, therefore. which has a breakthrough development. The people of Cu Chi and Hoc Mon will be richer and happier, standing shoulder to shoulder with the most developed places, and this is the wish of those who have fallen in the cause of liberation and reunification.

Thank you very much!

Set Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung

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