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Mobile Internet speed in Vietnam ranks 56th globally

Ookla – the company famous for its measuring app Internet speed SpeedTest – recently provided data reports on Internet speed by broadband and fixed services in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2022.

Accordingly, mobile Internet speed in Vietnam in March 2022 has decreased 6 places, to 56th place globally. Specifically, the average download speed reached 33.9 Mbps while the upload speed reached 16.59 Mbps.

Mobile Internet speed in Vietnam ranks 56th globally - Photo 1.

Download/upload speed (download/upload) of mobile and fixed networks in Vietnam in March 2022 (Source: Ookla SpeedTest)

Meanwhile, fixed broadband speed remained at 49th place, at 67.96 Mbps download speed and 63.89 Mbps upload speed.

Also according to the Ookla Speedtest private report, Vinaphone is the mobile service provider with the fastest download speed with 42.43 Mb/s. Following that are Viettel (40.61 Mb/s), Mobifone (29.91 Mb/s) and Vietnammobile (5.58 Mb/s). In addition, Vinaphone also ranked first in terms of latency, with the lowest latency reaching 19 ms.

However, in the ranking of carriers providing the fastest fixed wired network, Vinnaphone ranks last, after FPT Telecom and Viettel. Vinaphone is also behind FPT Telecom and Viettel in terms of stability of broadband fixed network services, reaching 81.4%, according to SpeedTest. However, the difference in this score between carriers is not too large.

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