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Mr. Macron and Ms. Le Pen have a “fiery” confrontation before the French presidential election

Mr. Macron and Ms. Le Pen confront

Voting for the French presidential election will take place on April 24. Photo: Reuters

For Le Pen, who is behind incumbent President Macron in opinion polls ahead of the April 24 vote, her key goal is to convince voters that she is qualified to become president. and they shouldn’t be afraid to see the far right in power.

“Fear is the only reason the sitting president should try and stay in power at all costs,” Le Pen said in a new campaign clip on April 19.

For Mr. Macron, possibly the biggest challenge will be his subjective attitude, which many voters have criticized him for. However, Mr. Macron’s advantage may lie in pointing to the gaps he sees in Le Pen’s policy plans and building on his five years of experience in power.

A source close to Mr Macron said: “Unlike in 2017, the French can now accept Ms. Le Pen as president. Now it is our job to prove that she will be one. bad president”.

The source also added that Mr Macron would “prove Ms Le Pen’s plans inconsistent and impractical”.

The debate, which begins at 19:00 GMT, will be the only debate between the two candidates.

When Macron and Le Pen first competed for the presidency in 2017, the debate was intense.

Wednesday’s debate will be the only direct confrontation between the two in the entire campaign.

With far-right politician Eric Zemmour now off the track, the performance of Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen promises to be extremely attractive.

Both have reduced voter rallies ahead of the debate. But while Le Pen is said to be focusing on preparing his speech, sources in Macron’s administration indicate that the president is still at work and has not had time to prepare.

“Becoming president is not a part-time job,” a campaign aide to Mr Macron told Reuters.

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