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Nam Joo Hyuk plays Korean Batman in new movie

Nam Joo Hyuk Negotiating the participation in a new movie

25 years old 21 is definitely in the top of the most successful films in the first half of 2022. Besides the attractive script, an important reason why Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do’s youth story is acting together. The male lead’s impressive appearance Nam Joo Hyuk owned.

Male lead

Nam Joo Hyuk made a strong impression on the audience after the movie Age 25 years 21.

Male lead

In this movie, he is indeed a young male god.

According to information from the Korean media, Nam Joo Hyuk is currently in talks to participate in a new movie as the male lead. It is known that this is the project adapted from the webtoon Vigilante by author Kim Gyu Sam.

Male lead

The character Yi Jong in the original.

Male lead
Male lead

If Nam Joo Hyuk takes on the role of Yi Jong, this will be a role with a completely different image and personality compared to Baek Ji Yin in “age 25 years old”.

What does Vigilante webtoon content have?

It is known that this webtoon content is about a mysterious man who always goes to find criminals every weekend named Ji Yong. When she was a child, Ji Yong’s mother was murdered by a thug, but the perpetrator only received a sentence of 3 and a half years because the court said he was extremely remorseful.

However, this guy did not reform himself at all after being released from prison. In anger, Ji Yong took his own revenge. Since then, he believes it is his mission to make those who escape the sentence of the law pay their own price.

In addition to Yi Jong, this series also features other characters such as reporter Mi Ryeo – who discovered Yi Jong’s true identity under the fake name Vigilante and Jo Heon, the investigator who is always trying to catch the “hero”. shadow”. frame-khiep-20220420115809781.chn

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