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Newmen GX9 Pro – High-sensitivity, durable gaming mouse for eSports

Using the Pixart PMW3389 sensor with a durability of 60 million clicks and many other features, Newmen GX9 Pro will be a good choice for sports gamers. Sport electronic.

The most prominent highlight on Newmen GX9 Pro is the Kailh GM4.0 switch that offers a durability of 60 million clicks, ensuring to withstand the “torture” of any gamer.

Newmen GX9 Pro mouse has a symmetrical design

The design of the mouse is relatively simple, symmetrical and compact. GX9 Pro is refined based on previous GX versions, providing comfortable grip and operation. The mouse has 2 colors, black and white for users to choose.

There are 2 colors white and black for gamers to choose from

Targeting users who are eSports gamers in general, and FPS (shooting) in particular, Newmen GX9 Pro has a resolution of 16000DPI, providing smoothness and high accuracy when experiencing in game titles. Valorant, CS: GO, PUBG, Call of Duty. Of course, gamers also get a good experience on MOBA games like Dota 2 nice League of Legends.

Switch Kailh offers durability of 60 million clicks

In addition, the mouse feet are large, the contact area is large and smooth, helping the mouse to achieve fast movement speed on many different surfaces, but still ensure high accuracy.

It is worth mentioning that the Pixart PWM3389 sensor can also meet 4K screen resolution. The product’s cable also uses good materials, does not twist and ensures smooth, no-jamming movements when moving at high speeds.

The product is integrated with 16.8 million color RGB LEDs

There are 7 pre-set DPI levels, including 400, 800, 1200 (default), 1600, 2000, 4000, 6000 and 16000. Each LED effect will correspond to a certain DPI level, helping gamers easy to identify if the mouse setting is not as habitual to use.

About the Kailh GM4.0 switch equipped for the device, this is a component used for a firm press feeling and cannot be “accidentally” hit or robbed while playing the game. Combined with the high resolution as mentioned, gamers when getting used to the movement and clicking, can make 10 consecutive shots with the same accuracy. Switch GM4.0 is customized to give gamers the best click feeling.

Bright LED lights in the night

With the durability of 60 million clicks of Kailh GM4.0, gamers can use Newmen GX9 Pro for more than 19 years without double click. In addition to the switch for the left and right buttons, the product’s scroll button is also manufactured by Kailh with a lifespan of 10 million clicks. Newmen GX9 Pro’s scroll button has a softer press and smoother scrolling.

Similarly, the auxiliary buttons, including 2 forward / backward buttons and 2 DPI increase / decrease buttons, are also durable, light and easy to use.

As a product for gamers, the 16.8 million color RGB LED is indispensable on the mouse. The product shell uses ABS material and PVC sanding to prevent slipping and at the same time ensure the brightest RGB light possible.

The mouse has an emery coat for a firm grip

Newmen GX9 Pro is equipped with accompanying software, which helps to adjust LED lights, set up macros, different profiles for each game genre, change DPI settings… For an approximate price of VND 700,000, this is an attractive option for gamers from professional to semi-professional, or looking to “go pro”. The product is currently being distributed by PATech JSC.

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