Nhan Luong defeated Tu Hoang in 20 rounds, why couldn’t Quan Vu? The reason is very simple

Among the heroes and masterpieces of the Three Kingdoms period, Quan Vu is considered one of the most famous characters. Not only has the ability to fight great, brave, Quan Vu is also famous as a loyal general, wholeheartedly supporting Liu Bei and the Shu Han dynasty. Quan Vu is a “tiger general”, an effective assistant for Luu Be in the process of building a fortune.

Meanwhile, Tu Hoang, himself Cong Minh, is also considered a famous general of Cao Cao and Cao Wei. Tu Hoang had excellent military talent and achieved many feats. In the Three Kingdoms, historian Tran Tho ranked Tu Hoang among the five most powerful martial arts generals of Cao Wei, along with Nhac Tien, Truong Cap, Truong Lieu and Vu Cam.

The common point between Quan Vu and Tu Hoang is that they both fought with Nhan Luong, a mighty martial artist and considered the most outstanding of Vien Thieu, one of the most powerful vassal forces in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.

  Nhan Luong defeated Tu Hoang in 20 rounds, why couldn't Quan Vu?  The reason is very simple - Photo 1.

Quan Vu easily cut Nhan Luong to death.

But there is a paradox that Nhan Luong defeated Tu Hoang in 20 rounds, while Quan Vu could not do it. To explain the cause, first of all, it is necessary to analyze the fighting situation of Quan Vu in these two impressive matches.

In the Three Kingdoms, slashing Nhan Luong is considered one of Quan Vu’s most impressive feats. Accordingly, Quan Vu rushed into the enemy’s position, the Hebei army was split in two like waves. Guan Yu rushed over and swung the Qinglong Yen Nguyet Dao towards Nhan Luong.

Nhan Luong did not have time to turn, so he was stabbed and fell off the horse. Guan Yu cut off Nhan Luong’s head, hung it on the horse’s reins, and withdrew his sword as if he was in an empty place.

The fact that Quan Vu alone broke through the encirclement and slashed Nhan Luong can be considered a feat that almost not many people have the ability to reproduce.

Why can Quan Vu easily kill Nhan Luong with just one knife? Moreover, Nhan Luong is a strong general who made one of Cao Cao’s best martial artists, Tu Hoang, also lose after 20 rounds.

3 reasons why Guan Yu easily cut Nhan Luong

According to experts, the reason Quan Vu can easily cut Nhan Luong is thanks to the following 3 reasons.

The first, When Quan Vu rushed in, Nhan Luong’s army took the initiative to open the way. Why? In a normal confrontation between two great armies, the generals will arrange their troops, so it is difficult for a general to rush into the opponent’s formation.

Why was Guan Yu able to easily rush into the midst of thousands of enemy troops like entering and leaving an empty place?

The obvious reason was that Nhan Luong’s subordinates had received instructions from their superiors, otherwise Guan Yu, no matter how highly skilled in martial arts, could not single-handedly rush into the midst of thousands of troops.

Second, The generals in the old battle formations often had bodyguard generals around. Nhan Luong believes that Quan Vu has no threat to him. That’s why, a war-experienced general like Nhan Luong accepted for Quan Vu to attack directly like that without the interference of the bodyguards.

Tuesday, Nhan Luong showed no sign of being ready to fight, on the contrary, when Quan Vu rushed in, he wanted to ask the opposite. Although Nhan Luong is a skilled martial artist, he was not prepared when Quan Vu attacked.

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Nhan Luong is considered the strongest martial artist of Vien Thieu.

With the above three reasons, it is clear that Quan Vu slashing Nhan Luong is not a fair duel. Nhan Luong was not prepared.

Even at first, Nhan Luong showed goodwill towards Quan Vu. Because without Nhan Luong’s orders, Quan Vu could not easily break the encirclement in front of tens of thousands of enemy troops. Because Nhan Luong was not ready to fight, Quan Vu’s feat of cutting Nhan Luong could only be considered a surprise attack. In addition, Quan Vu also has a precious horse called Chich Tho with a very fast movement speed, so Nhan Luong can’t turn back in time.

If there is a fair single match, Quan Vu is unlikely to have killed Nhan Luong and the outcome is also very unpredictable. Because before that, even Tu Hoang was defeated by Nhan Luong in only 20 rounds.

So, the question arises, why can’t Quan Vu defeat Tu Hoang after 80 rounds of fighting?

The reason turned out to be very simple

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Guan Yu could not defeat Tu Hoang because of his injuries.

Guan Yu and Tu Hoang are both old acquaintances. Moreover, Tu Hoang is Quan Vu’s friend. The love between the two is not simple. When Guan Yu temporarily surrendered to Cao Cao in 200, in Cao Cao’s barracks, Tu Hoang and Truong Lieu were two powerful generals who had good relations with Guan Yu during this period. However, in terms of combat strength, Quan Vu is actually stronger than Tu Hoang.

This can be demonstrated in Tho Son. After a heavy defeat before the attack of Cao’s army, Liu Bei had to flee to Nhu Nam to rely on Vien Thieu, Truong Phi had to take refuge in Co Thanh, and Quan Vu was besieged in Tho Son.

Before that, Cao Cao ordered Xiahou Don to lure Guan Yu out of Ha Phi to fight, then ordered Hua Chu and Tu Hoang to join forces to intercept Guan Yu, and from there he could entice surrender. But the outcome was surprising. Guan Yu directly repelled these two strong generals. When he was about to return to Ha Phi, Xiahou Don blocked the attack, so Quan Vu had to go to Tho Son to temporarily rest.

From this battle, it can be seen that Guan Yu’s fighting ability is much stronger than that of Tu Hoang.

However, in the battle of Tuong Duong – Phan Thanh in 219, why couldn’t Quan Vu defeat Tu Hoang in 80 rounds? In fact, the reason was very simple, that was because Guan Yu had just undergone a bone scraping surgery to remove the poison caused by the arrow, and his right arm could not use much strength.

Although the surgery was very successful, in a short time, Guan Yu’s arm was of course unable to recover as before. The arm can’t use much strength, the strength in combat will also be reduced. It is for this reason that Quan Vu could not defeat Tu Hoang in 80 rounds of combat.

  Nhan Luong defeated Tu Hoang in 20 rounds, why couldn't Quan Vu?  The reason is very simple - Photo 4.

Tu Hoang is one of Cao Cao’s strongest martial arts generals.

On the other hand, at the time of fighting in Phan Thanh, Tu Hoang was also at the peak of his fighting strength. Therefore, it is not easy for Quan Vu to fight against a “tiger general” like Tu Hoang who has not recovered yet. Being able to fight Tu Hoang in 80 rounds showed the outstanding ability of Quan Vu at that time.

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