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Oly Sport accompanies the world’s first blockchain eSports tournament

On April 9, 2022, Oly Sport CEO – Jimmy Chan and Miss World Canada 2020, Svetlana Mamaeva – CEO and Brand Ambassador of Oly Sport – attended the Crypto Polo Cup event, held in Palm Beach , Florida. Here, Lana (short/intimate name of Svetlana Mamaeva) clearly demonstrated her important role when she and Jimmy Chan welcomed more than 600 VIP guests at the project’s exhibition area, and made presentations in front of many houses. potential investment in the vision and future of Oly Sport.

Oly Sport accompanies the world's first blockchain eSports tournament - Photo 1.

Oly Sport CEO Jimmy Chan with Brand Ambassador Svetlana Mamaeva at the Crypto Polo Cup.

Before the event, Svetlana could not hide her excitement when participating in this prestigious tournament. She expressed her past experience of stepping into the crypto world for the first time at Miss World Festival – and this is the “destiny” that brought Lana to Oly Sport. “I am very excited to prepare for the upcoming Crypto Polo Cup event taking place in Palm Beach, Florida, where I will be acting as the Brand Ambassador of Oly Sport – the horse racing metaverse project founded by you my college – Jimmy Chan and his wife – Alex Chan” – Lana shared more.

Both Jimmy and Svetlana graduated from Schulich, one of the top business schools in Canada. During her time as Miss World Canada 2020, Svetlana founded and brilliantly operated FinPowered, a charity that offers over 100 free courses on financial management specifically for women in the landscape epidemic.

Oly Sport is a game genre applying blockchain technology, built according to the eSports eSports model, towards building a metaverse around horse racing. Oly Sport’s ecosystem includes horses, farms, racecourses, banking and real estate systems built on blockchain and VR technology platforms. The project opened the Mainnet on March 26, 2022 and currently, new features are gradually being introduced and updated into the game.

You can learn more about the game Oly Sport here.

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