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Only men with a strong economy can easily find a life partner

Reading the article: “A beautiful love story with a foreign boyfriend”, I was impressed with the author, I did not see anything special from the foreign guy.

The author accepts to marry a man who has broken his marriage, is financially independent, and does not rely on his new husband’s property in particular. An intelligent, honest, good-natured and beautiful girl has too many options to start her love story.

I started my journey to find a friend, a girl with normal family conditions like me so that I could build a love and marriage relationship. At 35, if you’re a little rich, you’ll have a lot of options. As for the average salary, I also look for girls who don’t stand out too much. Talking, meeting with girls, I see that the common thing they are interested in is economic conditions. What car do you ride, do you have a high salary, do you have enough to support me, do you plan to buy a house, in the future I will travel a few places every year…

>> I am pragmatic but not exploitative

I sent a letter to find out a few girls I met online, if the content of the letter is: “I do an office job with a low income”, most of them don’t get a reply or only a thank you. And when I changed it to: “I do an office job with an income of about 30 million VND per month”, the girls replied and talked more. Economics becomes central to starting a relationship called love.

We see beautiful love stories of Vietnamese girls with foreign boys, most of the men have very good economic conditions. It is also easy to see many Vietnamese men who are not afraid of difficulties and are not afraid to work hard to earn a living for the whole family. Are there many examples of foreign men suffering hardships and dangers to support their families? So, at the age of 30, a man’s economy determines whether his relationship with his girlfriend will lead to marriage, and so-called love is just a beautiful language to paint the truth. naked in real life.


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