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Or think about the boyfriend who crossed the line with four exes

My boyfriend and I love each other sincerely and peacefully. Everything about you is fine, only I always think about your past.

I’m female, 26 years old, he’s five years older than me. Sometimes there is anger and blame, but then they heal very quickly, never being angry at each other for more than a day. He spends most of his free time with me, we meet four or five times a week. If he wasn’t dating, he would come over to my house to play until the evening, then come home and talk on the phone until he went to bed, just like that from the moment he first met him. Wherever he went, he informed me, took pictures to prove it, so I was very assured of him, not worried that he had someone other than me. Everything about him is fine, suits me in every way, the families on both sides are also compatible, so our love has received a lot of support from everyone.

I also feel his love for me a lot. His every gesture, every action made me immersed in happiness, passionate love, that happened. At first I was afraid that if I went too far, he would get bored of me, but day by day he loved me more and more, and so did I. He said he loves me very much and won’t lose me. He used to know many people, but only now have he felt what love is.

>> Can’t ignore boyfriend’s past

The problem lies in me, after each close, I am haunted by his past. It’s not bad, it’s just that he’s had sex with all of his ex-girlfriends, a total of four, but it annoys me sometimes, especially when I know a few of his ex-girlfriends. I know this is not right, everyone has a past and needs to be respected, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Many times when I asked him about it, he answered honestly, patiently explained, and waited for me to stop being annoyed.

I feel that I am too much for bringing up the past to torment him. You’re not wrong, I’m just thinking too much. I tried to tell myself not to think about the past, only to think about the present, but the image of his ex-girlfriend appeared to be like that of himself. Maybe because I love you too much, I’m a bit selfish. Looking for advice, I don’t know if anyone is like me? How do I get over these bad thoughts?


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