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Orientation for online business people

The program gives the whole picture, difficulties and challenges as well as key points for the success or failure of online business participants, namely online sellers.

The year 2020 – 2021 can be considered a special period with unprecedented changes under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the online business industry made a bolder impression. Entering 2022 with open opportunities, many businesses, cooperatives, business households, even individuals from urban to rural areas are actively participating in the online business “playground”.

Seminar series 'Red Guide': Orientation for online business people - 1

In the first episode of the seminar series “Red Guide” with the topic “Express delivery – Success or failure of online sales” broadcast on April 20, 2022, Mr. Do Huu Hung – General Director of AccessTrade and Mr. Phan Binh – Brand Director of J&T Express Vietnam revealed the decisive points of success or failure when starting an online business.

The program also provides suggestions for businesses and individuals participating in online sales to overcome existing weaknesses, thereby optimizing business results.

Anticipating the development of online business, Mr. Do Huu Hung said that Vietnam has great development potential and is expected to be the country with the second largest digital economy in Southeast Asia. in 2025.

This development will entail the participation of many subjects of different professions and fields. It can be seen that the online business “playground” at the moment does not stop at small businesses selling online on e-commerce platforms but also expands to large businesses and corporations.

This is considered a smart and necessary step for businesses to attract customers, build trust and enhance customer experience on the shopping journey.

Seminar series 'Red Guide': Orientation for online business people - 2

To develop the digital economy, e-commerce needs to go first, followed by logistics services, delivery of goods… The quality of infrastructure of the logistics industry in general as well as express delivery in particular has been improved. great number of.

This helps users gain more trust, as well as improve the consignee’s experience. When shipping businesses can do well what users expect, I believe that the digital economy contributes 50 – 60 billion USD to Vietnam’s economy will come true.“, shared Mr. Do Huu Hung.

Besides the opportunities, the online business trend still has many challenges, especially for those who are just starting a business. Mr. Hung assessed that businesses currently face many difficulties related to the lack of personnel, knowledge and support partners.

To be able to overcome these problems thoroughly, they need to be consulted and provided with solutions according to the model of one-stop shop, where customers can use products and services with solutions. package solution, integrated and bring the highest efficiency. At the same time, accompanying package solutions are also support packages, problem solving advice when businesses or online sellers have difficulties in the business process.

Seminar series 'Red Guide': Orientation for online business people - 3

At the program, Mr. Phan Binh – Brand Director of J&T Express Vietnam also shared solutions to accompany online merchants as an international express delivery business and a partner of many major e-commerce platforms.

Mr. Binh said: “The slogan of J&T Express is “Express your online business”, with the meaning that we bring solutions to help customers do online business easier and more efficiently.

Today, sellers do not need to have a grandiose store, but just need to have good goods, we will provide the right services to bring the seller’s goods to the hands of users. At J&T Express, we always focus on the customer experience by providing a wide range of services to suit your needs.“.

Need to consolidate knowledge, supplement information and experience with online business, access: to see more information of the Red Guide series and follow information about the next episodes.

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