Outstanding utilities of Elliview S4 car android screen

What’s so hot about Elliview S4 car android DVD screen that users appreciate and have so many good reviews? Is Elliview S4 car android screen really as good as rumored? What’s the difference between Elliview S4 and ICAR Vietnam? In this article, let’s answer the questions and concerns of many customers and explore the benefits that the Elliview S4 car screen brings.

1st: Exclusive, convenient and luxurious Elligo interface

Elliview S4 screen owns the exclusive Elligo interface designed by ICAR Vietnam. The interface is displayed with many widgets, easy to use, convenient to meet the needs of customers.

Second: The software system is rich and diverse

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ICAR Vietnam is a technology company that invests extremely heavily in R&D and IT development teams, always researching and designing software and applications to meet the needs and bring the best experience to customers. row.

General entertainment application ICAR Entertainment

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One of the most popular applications of Elliview S4 android DVD screen is the ICAR Entertainment application. Meeting all entertainment needs of customers from: listening to youtube music, listening to new news every day, listening to VOV news, movie review…

The outstanding advantage of ICAR Entertainment is that you can freely listen to youtube music without being interrupted by ads. Along with that, ICAR Entertainment is designed to run applications in the background, you can turn off the picture to focus on driving. With Elliview S4 you can also multi-task with multiple applications at the same time. While driving, instead of having to stop listening to music to use other applications as usual, you can completely listen to music on Youtube, listen to news and use other applications at the same time.

As an application specifically designed for cars, you can completely open ICAR Entertainment with ICARV voice control just by pressing a key on the steering wheel, or open the full screen with just a double tap.

ICAR Calendar reminder scheduling app

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Just start up the built-in tasks of the day will appear, helping you to understand your daily tasks without forgetting. When the time for reminders is approaching, the screen will display both visual and voice prompts so that the driver can still focus on driving and still grasp the work that is about to be done.

ICAR Tracking vehicle tracking application

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ICAR Tracking – application to locate and monitor vehicles anytime, anywhere right on your phone. With a beautiful design, and being able to track each car’s small journey, accurately determine each stop and park location, customers are extremely excited. ICAR Tracking is designed by ICAR Vietnam with high security, only connecting 1 phone to a vehicle and only this phone can view the vehicle’s location and itinerary.

3rd: Voice Control ICARV

ICARV is intelligent voice control software on car screen. This is considered an effective assistant of the driver. Simple commands, receive commands quickly and clearly recognize the voice of all 3 regions of North – Central – South.

Just press the key on the steering wheel and read the command, all applications are opened instead of manual manipulation. This not only brings convenience, but also makes driving more focused and safer. ICAR Vietnam is a pioneer in research and development of voice command connection on the steering wheel.

It is the difference and uniqueness researched and designed by ICAR’s R&D team that makes the difference to bring many interesting experiences to users that cannot be found on other DVD players. That is also the reason why Elliview S4 car android screen is highly appreciated and chosen by many customers.

Customers who need to install Elliview S4 car android DVD screen can go to the nearest dealer for installation. Or call the hotline 0963.780.867 for the fastest advice and support.

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