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Professional investors still “make money” even though it is difficult to surf real estate

Investment surf often the playground of speculators, both experienced, financial and skilled investors in the real estate market. Although this playing field is now more difficult, it does not mean that it has completely disappeared. Many groups of experienced investors still “snap money” when grasping the wave of the market, in some areas.

Recently, Mr. Tr’s investment group, sold a land of more than 2,000m2 in a commune of Dong Nai province with a difference of 600 million VND compared to the purchase price at the end of March 2022. Thus, less than a month, this garden land was sold and enjoyed a good difference.

It is known that when Mr. Tr bought the land at a lower price than the common ground in the area, it had a street frontage and a nice location, so when it came out, there were quite a few investors asking to buy a hybrid. Mr. Tr said that the original plan was to buy it for a long time, but with liquidity, many investors asked to buy it back with a good difference within 1 month, so they pushed the goods, then reinvested in another piece.

Before that, in January 2022, Mr. T (living in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) also made a profit of 300 million within 4 days of investing in “surfing” land. Having more than 7 years of experience in real estate investment, besides long-term investment, Mr. T will flexibly find “delicious” and cheap land for surfing.

Buy 700 million garden plots in Binh Thuan, after 4 days of listing, investors have closed the price of 1 billion dong. Mr. T said that in reality, surfing is not easy anymore, depending on the region, product and market, investors can quickly sell goods.

There are plots of land, initially planning to surf but can’t get out, investors also have to “embrace the goods”. But, if you have good finances, it is not a problem to hold more waiting lines.

From the perspective of investors who specialize in buying old houses to renovate, Mr. Kh, who lives in Binh Thanh District (HCMC) also makes money from this niche market. It has been more than 4 years with this investment method, the cash flow of hundreds of millions after 1-2 months, brings him a stable income.

Not to mention, Mr. Kh also allocates cash flow to the provincial land investment channel, buying when it’s calm, selling when it’s hot, which also brings a lot of money to this investor.

Professional investors still

The record shows that, when the real estate market fluctuates, the group of F0 investors and people with real housing needs bear many risks, especially when the price level increases continuously. While the professional group of investors are the beneficiaries. They are also the subjects who know the market, have the skills to enter and exit the cash flow, of course, not completely win big in investment deals.

According to statistics, the group of professional investors is rapidly increasing in number, with an increasing volume of assets holding. This group has strong financial and legal strengths, operating under the principle of “buy when calm, sell when hot”. Many professional investor groups participate in stirring up regional markets to benefit from this.

Currently, housing prices are continuing to be pushed up. In that context, speculators and professional investors always show a core filter with billions of dollars in surfing, while real home buyers have difficulty in accessing settlements.

At the same time, F0 investors entering the market during volatile times are also very vulnerable to risks when they do not have much experience in “catching waves”. In fact, in land fevers, F0 investors are the ones who enter near the peak of the fever, holding goods for professional investors, even though their finances are not weak.

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